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1Ci provides flexible ERP and business digitisation solutions through the partner network spread over 60+ countries all over the world.

1Ci provides flexible ERP and business digitisation solutions

Founded in June 2017, 1Ci has a mission to bring that technological expertise to the global market, expand the partner ecosystem, and facilitate digital transformation in businesses of all sizes.

Core Technology

Underlying 1Ci solutions is a comprehensive 1C:Enterprise platform that includes a set of technologies and development tools for digitizing business processes. 

5 mln+ Users
Our ERP technologies are used by millions of people in business and governmental institutions to streamline everyday work and automate critical processes such as accounting, finance, HR, logistics, manufacturing, corporate management and more.
Global Solutions
A highly flexible, scalable and developer-friendly platform, it has the potential to transform the business landscape across all industries and countries.
1C:Enterprise application platform is deployed in 95 countries

1C:Enterprise application platform is deployed in 95 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and both Americas.

1.5 mln+

companies use 1C:Enterprise platform

5 mln+

users rely on 1C:Enterprise applications in their everyday work


partners deployed solutions based on 1C:Enterprise


certified solutions built on 1C:Enterprise application development platform


successful automation projects


localized languages

Global Partner Ecosystem

 Along with the technological advances, the partner ecosystem is one of our most valuable assets. For over 25 years of evolution of the 1C:Enterprise platform, our partners have deployed thousands of vertical solutions, helping companies navigate the digital transformation journey and achieve greater results. 

Amolution LTD
DND Yazilim
OneCForus LLC
DAVID Holding Inc.
1C Germany GmbH
Suryadata Infokreasi
Axial ERP Soluciones

1Ci Team

In the core of 1Ci is a strong team of successful IT entrepreneurs, technology geeks, and savvy enthusiasts with a great passion to create a better future all around the world.

1Ci Team
1Ci Team
1Ci Team
1Ci Team
1Ci Team

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