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Transparent and efficient warehouse operations of doing business.

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Warehouse Inventory Management Software | 1Ci ERP

Changing to Succeed

Nowadays, inventory can come in multiple forms and be stored in various locations, like warehouses, distribution centers, or self-pick up facilities. Distributors and manufacturers all over the world struggling to get full control over their inventory, which is actually one of the main business assets for fast orders closing.
Having a well-documented and deeply-controlled supply chain management process is always a significant competitive advantage and a pathway to customer loyalty growth.

By deploying ERP with warehouse and inventory you will

Achieve the maximum transparency and end-to-end visibility of your SME warehouse operations and inventory to effectively manage stockpile balances, materials consumption, and finished goods movement in real-time.

ERP with warehouse - Manage your inventory

Manage your inventory and its characteristics like measurement units, stock allocation groups, expense items, price calculations, expiration dates, ingredients, and lots more.

ERP inventory management software - accelerate product delivery

Accelerate product delivery by automating the data and materials flow through your infrastructure and in multiple business units locations.

Reduce the execution times for the new orders

Reduce the execution times for the new orders via real-time in-depth warehouse planning.

Keep a 360° view of your warehouse 24x7x365

ERP inventory management software - Item tracking

Item tracking

Get a transparent and efficient way of managing, tracking, and optimizing assets within the warehouse.
Easily assign serial and lot numbers.
Receive and ship large batches of goods within the single order line entry.

Item categories and attributes

Set all inventory parameters, including color, country of manufacture, size, product dimensions, expiration date, discount, etc.
Save a lot of time by automatically assigning new inventory the characteristics of a specific category of goods with no manual work.
Activate and disable any attribute when needed in a couple of clicks.
Translate attributes names into dozens of languages thanks to the rich localization capabilities of the system.
Create custom product categories on the go to cater to any business' needs.
ERP inventory management software - Item categories
ERP inventory management software - Assembly management

Assembly management

Get a flexible way of building the assembly management process.
Benefit from using a built-in Assembly Bill of Materials reports to track specific goods, raw materials, or parts of products.
Replenish stocks, store materials, add customer requirements for kit materials directly from order lines or quotes via assembly orders.

Multiple warehouses

Easily manage the company's warehouses, shops, pick-up points, and stocks all over the world with no regard for the overall number of locations.
Create multiple virtual warehouses within the one physical place to split and better control different processes and supply chains.
ERP inventory management software - Multiple warehouses
Warehouse and inventory reports - 1Ci ERP Solutions

Warehouse and inventory reports

Fuel your decision-making process with 1C:Drive's data-driven features.
Get an instant comprehensive view of all of your warehouse operations to make the right moves at the right time and boost your sales, manufacturing, finances, etc.

Warehouse shipment

With the 1Ci ERP warehouse management system, you will enable your warehouse workers with up-to-date information about the demand spikes for better planning and shipment process optimization.
ERP inventory management software - Warehouse shipment

Who will benefit from using ERP with warehouse & inventory management software?

ERP Warehouse Management System - Manager


Access in-depth reports to get demand insights and send orders for goods via the contractor's platform in real-time.
ERP with Warehouse and Inventory - Sales Manager

Sales manager

Use customer's feedback to form an order that meets all the requirements at the warehouse level.
ERP with Warehouse and Inventory - Manager

Warehouse manager

Make the whole warehouses processes from the order to the paperwork after the sale more efficient.

Underlying products and technologies

1Ci ERP solutions with warehouse and inventory management are based on cutting-edge and customer-proven business automation software


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Corporate Performance Management system for consolidation of reporting, advanced budgeting, and financial performance management in holding companies.


Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.

Industry-focused ERP solutions

ERP solutions created specifically to meet each industry needs


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