Level up your expertise by working in the international company with trustworthly background and build your own story of success.

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What you need to know about 1Ci

Results driven mindset

We are a rapidly growing IT company that constantly expands its partner network, implements challenging projects, and accumulates valuable expertise to ensure success and prosperity of our customers. For our team members, this means a great opportunity for professional fulfillment and career progress. We never stop and our employees are always on the move.

Multinational culture

Nowadays, 1Ci has already more than 150 partners in Eastern and Western Europe, in the USA, Latin America, and Asia. 1Ci partners have implemented many projects ranging from automation of small manufactories to seaports, factories, and airports. With such a wide partner network, our employees have an opportunity to scale their expertise and work with various cultures all over the world.

Trustworthy background

1Ci is an international company created by the founder of 1C Сompany, a leading developer in Eastern Europe for over 25 years. By inheriting a unique expertise from its “big brother”, 1Ci offers a great combination of well-known, trustworthy technology with a dynamic working environment that fosters creativity, flexibility, and challenge.

Working at 1Ci you can

Key success factor in achieving outstanding results is our team and we build the best possible conditions to unleash the potential of each member.

Make a difference and feel the value of your ideas

We are doing our best to build an environment that helps each employee to work comfortably and generate brilliant ideas. 1Ci is a place where you can generate and implement bold ideas, try new approaches, make mistakes and learn from them, improve, and achieve success.

Enjoy out-of-work activities

We are trying to be a solid team even out of our office. So if you want to gather colleagues for a fun outing, to have breakfast together or take part in a culinary master class – great idea! After all, a choir is made up of the sounds of each voice.

Benefit from communication without borders

1Ci is a multinational company and we use English in all areas of business, not only in customer service. We provide our team members with an online access to the popular English language school in Moscow. So everyone can improve their skills with professional teachers.

Build a sound mind in a sound body

Proper nutrition must not be violated! In our dining rooms you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And all this is compensated by the company. We know that sport has a positive effect on working efficiency, memory and mental activity. Therefore, in our office you will find a gym. Taking care of the health of our colleagues, we also provide medical insurance.