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Changing to succeed

The journey to IFRS compliance is a complex challenge for companies worldwide, from public interest entities to multinational corporations. The task demands managing diverse accounting practices, reconciling multiple adjustments, and navigating intricate corporate structures, all while striving for transparency and consistency in financial reporting.
1C:Perform Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution and 1C:ERP can radically simplify the IFRS reporting process.

They offer seamless data consolidation, ensure compliance, and streamline financial reporting, making IFRS reporting efficient, precise, and audit-ready.

Industry challenges

The requirements of IFRS demand meticulous attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of diverse financial practices across global operations. Companies are often confronted with several core issues that can impact their reporting accuracy and efficiency.

Consolidation of diverse accounting systems

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Multiple adjustments and reconciliations

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Complex organizational structures

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Regulatory compliance and transparency

Efficiency and automation of reporting processes

Real-time accounting with IFRS support

Addressing IFRS challenges is crucial for maintaining financial integrity and compliance. 1Ci solutions—1C:Perform and 1C:ERP—can tackle the intricacies of IFRS reporting: they streamline data integration, simplify consolidations, and automate the reporting process. 

By deploying 1Ci ERP and CPM for IFRS reporting you will

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Benefit from a flexible and adaptable solutions that meet the specific needs of your organizational structure and industry.

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Ensure accurate, uniform, and transparent financial reporting compliant with IFRS standards.

ERP Software Applications | Increase the effectiveness

Automate the IFRS reporting process, from data collection to final report generation, reducing the time spent on compliance tasks.

Comprehensive solutions for IFRS reporting

IFRS compliance

  • Automatic adjustments for compliance with IFRS
  • International accounting standards based on real-time accounting posting templates
  • Wide range of corrections from local GAAP to IFRS
  • Methodological support from BIG4

Consolidation of reporting

  • Reconciliation and elimination of intercompany transactions
  • Consolidation of reporting for holdings, with support for complex company structure
  • Elimination of debts and unrealized margins in the group's assets
  • Unification of reporting, transparency and accountability in financial disclosures
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Flexibility and integration

  • Importing data from various systems, including Excel and various accounting systems
  • Supporting for any company structure, even holdings
  • Adaptation to almost any company reporting requirements and existing IT infrastructure

Who will benefit from using CPM for IFRS reporting?

Business Owner

Get ready for IPO, be confident in quality of reporting, and make data-driven decisions.

Financial director

Use fast and accurate reporting to take out loans and seek investments. 

IFRS specialist

Collect IFRS reporting quickly and error-free.

Business Processes to Automate

1C:Perform, our cutting-edge CPM solution, is engineered to elevate IFRS reporting processes, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and strategic insight.
Key business processes to automate with 1C:Perform include:

Financial data consolidation: Unify financial data from various sources and systems, ensuring consistent, compliant reporting across all company divisions and subsidiaries.
Adjustments and reconciliations: Automate the adjustment and reconciliation process for financial data, simplifying the alignment of accounting practices and reducing errors.
Reporting and compliance management: Generate IFRS-compliant reports effortlessly, with features designed to streamline the preparation and ensure audit readiness.
Performance analysis and forecasting: Utilize advanced analytics for a comprehensive understanding of financial performance, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.
Regulatory updates and compliance: Stay up-to-date with the latest IFRS standards and regulations, incorporating changes seamlessly into your reporting process.
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How it works

1Ci solutions perfectly fit businesses requiring IFRS reporting.

Accelerating report preparation and deadlines
Enhance the speed of report generation by consolidating and standardizing analytical and financial data across the company group, facilitating rapid preparation.
Ensuring reliable, error-free data
Base your business decisions on consistent, unified data sourced from diverse financial and performance reporting systems, ensuring trustworthiness.
Simplifying complex budgeting processes

Utilize a comprehensive budgeting tool for operations and projects within the group, accommodating any level of budgeting complexity effortlessly.

Guaranteeing audit-ready IFRS compliance
Achieve IFRS-compliant consolidation statements by efficiently translating data from local GAAP to IFRS charts of accounts, ensuring auditability and consistency.

Underlying products and technologies

1Ci CPM and ERP solutions for IFRS reporting are based on cutting-edge and customer-proven
business automation solutions


Corporate Performance Management system for consolidation of reporting, advanced budgeting, and financial performance management in holding companies.


Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.


Innovative application for building corporate management systems based on the best global practices in automating large and medium-sized businesses.

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