Flexible ERP solution that empowers enterprises to meet the digital challenges of today's business, grow faster, and lead their markets.

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Transparency of business and focus on the big picture
Transparent business processes allow you to grow your company faster and stay competitive knowing how your company operates in the smallest detail
One intuitive dashboard to control all business units
Stay in control of your business KPIs, estimate operational efficiency, department and employee performance to achieve financial goals
Implementation without changing your business processes
Tailored to fit your business’ needs precisely, 1C:ERP flexibly supports even unique processes, allowing you to keep doing business the way you do
Full-scale automatization of all processes
Instead of the old way of using a bunch of separate applications that don't “talk” to each other, implement the all-in-one ERP solution that automates the whole range of the company's processes

Real business value of 1C:ERP solution 

+ 29%
Production volumes increase
+ 85%
Customer order processing speed-up
- 26%
Decrease of order fulfillment time
+ 35%
Raise of employee productivity
+ 300%
Management reports creation speed-up
6 000+

implementation projects

From 5 to

20 000+

automated workstations per one implementation project

6 000+

implementation projects

From 5 to

20 000+

automated workstations per one implementation project

Orchestrate your business with ultimate flexibility 

All-in-one ERP software solution

All of the core and supporting workflows integrated into single ERP system
Seamless information exchange between organization's departments and subsidiaries
Unified standards and protocols to minimize human factor risks
Information accuracy and transparency to make critical business decisions

Powerful ERP for manufacturing enterprises

Production Infographics
Support for ongoing business growth and constant changes in production technologies
Application in various production industries worldwide: metal goods, industrial machinery, food, textile production, etc.
Support for all "make" strategies and scenarios including make-to-order, make-to-stock, as well as discrete and continuous production

Plan and control KPIs

Business Activity Infographic
Control of lead time, coordination of material resources, balancing plans, budgets, etc.
Conclusive dashboards to track and analyze production and business KPIs
Analytics system with clear visualization for data-driven decision making

Flexible deployment and delivery

Technical requirements
Automation of specific and even unique business processes
Platform-independent ERP software application supporting all DBMSes of international level
Smooth integration into existing IT infrastructures: TMS, WMS, CRM, accounting systems, etc.
Mobile workplaces and remote work via the Internet

Automate Key Workflows

Enterprise performance monitoring and analysis

Expense management and cost calculation

Operational planning: strategic, tactical, and short-term

Budgeting and financial management

Production management and production planning

Inventory and warehouse management

Sales and procurement management

Customer relationship management


Complete Guide to 1C:ERP

Dive deep into 1C:ERP, learn about its features, flexibility and key technologies. It’s a perfect opportunity to evaluate the benefits and potential of the system for your company and your business goals.

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Why 1C:ERP

Fast implementation and launch within 3 - 4 months

Low TCO and high product acceptance rate

Easy customization for any specific business process

Cloud or on-premise ERP deployment, access via mobile devices

Trusted by Industry

Customer Stories

Companies that every day choose the role of leader and scale up their business


MCS Coca-Cola Mongolia

Getting relevant enterprise management data, reducing manual work, and implementing real-time production control with 1C:ERP.

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Tavrida Electric

Streamlining operations and finance management using 1C:ERP solution.

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Implementation of an automated accounting system to reduce manual processing.

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Leading food distribution company migrates to the advanced ERP system fully customized to the existing processes. Significant cost savings achieved without modifying the workflows.

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Education & Support

User’s guide

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