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ERP Software Application | ERP for Make-to-Order Companies

Changing to succeed

Manufacturers implementing make-to-order strategies like job shops often face multiple challenges that they need to overcome to stay competitive. The production lifecycle built around orders and a variety of products produced in small amounts require tailored business processes. Any mistake or inconsistency can dramatically decrease the effectiveness of the business.

Avoid such problems using the 1Ci ERP solutions that perfectly suit job shops and other make-to-order production companies due to their flexibility and scalability to support the business growth. 

Industry challenges

Make-to-order productions face multiple issues they need to overcome to stay ROI-positive on every order and ensure the job's high quality.

Job Shop Software | Production planning

Production planning

Job Shop Software | Materials Usage Prediction

Materials usage prediction and leftovers management

Job Shop Software | Production equipment optimization

Production equipment usage optimization

Job Shop Software | Operational analysis

Operational analysis for finding production growth points

Job Shop Software | Revenue planning

Revenue planning and costs control

Job Shop Software | Production flexibility

Ensuring production flexibility and adaptability

Solving these tasks is impossible without suitable tools. 1Ci ERP for make-to-order companies are business automation systems specifically designed to meet their companies’ needs and are tailored to industry challenges. By implementing ERP, companies can automate their custom and unique business processes, gather all critical data in one place, and use them to generate insights that help find growth points, eliminate unnecessary costs, and increase overall business efficiency.

By deploying ERP for make-to-order companies you will

Get a complete understanding of the demand, order complexity, and projected ROI by automating core processes and running reports based on current business metrics and historical data.

ERP Software Applications | Manage your warehouse

Manage your warehouse to avoid materials shortage and automate procurement. Use resources effectively and implement data-driven production planning.

ERP Software Applications | Streamline order management

Streamline order management, track orders in real-time, manage priorities, and account for the delivery date.

ERP Software Applications | Increase the effectiveness

Increase the effectiveness by finding bottlenecks in business processes, optimize equipment load and employee performance.

ERP for Job Shops

Job Shop Software | Production management

Production management

  • Manage complex multi-stage production orders
  • BOM management
  • Assign tasks to employees and track their performance
  • Access all business data in one system
  • MES and CAD integration possibilities
Job Shop Software | Production planning and control

Production planning and control

  • View history and plan equipment load based on past demand
  • Prioritize, schedule, and monitor completion of production orders
  • Generate the Gantt chart showing production schedules
Job Shop Software | Optimize warehouse | MRP


  • Optimize warehouse usage by tracking and controlling the availability of production resources
  • Get up-to-date information about risks of shortage of materials and other resources
  • Buy required materials, components and semi-finished products based on customer demand analysis
Job Shop Software | Customer order management

Customer order management

  • Track and control customers’ orders in real time
  • Manage order priorities
  • Offer customer delivery terms
  • Adapt to changes to customer's orders on the go
Job Shop Software | Reporting and analysis

Reporting and analysis

  • Optimize usage of resources involved in the production
  • Identify bottlenecks of production processes
  • Understand the efficiency of work centers
  • Track employee work time and arrange back-ups
Job Shop Software | Finance management

Finance management

  • Monitor profitability (with breakdown up to customer’s orders) and business performance
  • Evaluate new equipment ROI based on the historical data analysis
  • Accelerate turnover of working capital

Who will benefit from using ERP for Job Shops?

ERP for Job Shops | Manager


Make data-driven decisions, analyze past performance, find bottlenecks and growth points.
ERP for Job Shops | Production Manager

Production manager

Provide the full load of your production facility and equipment, leverage automation to process more orders and meet the deadlines.
ERP for Job Shops | Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager

Plan procurement and control inventory to avoid materials shortage and enforce equipment load.

Business processes to automate

Our ERP software applications perfectly adapt to the make-to-order tasks and accelerate results by improving business efficiency. 1Ci job shop ERP systems can be used to automate the following business processes:

Production planning. Control everything from complex production orders to equipment load in a single job shop software.
Order management. Enjoy real-time order tracking, manage priorities, and account for the delivery date for each project.
Warehouse control. Optimize warehouse usage, get up-to-date information about potential materials shortage, streamline procurement based on past demand data.
Operational reporting and analysis. Cut costs and unlock growth potential by running comprehensive reports for getting management insights.
Production dispatching. Automate production tasks management and assignments to ensure optimal workload for employees and boost effectiveness.
Human resources management. Track employee timesheets, performance, and arrange back-ups.

The 1Ci make-to-order ERP system helps optimize business processes, improve productivity at each level, and increase revenues. Automation removes the need for manual labor, decreases the risk of mistakes, and provides management with accurate data use in the decision-making process.

The solution can also be customized to suit your current business processes and aligned with your existing IT infrastructure, and integrated with its components. This makes the implementation of job shop ERP software easy and friction-free.

Become the industry leader with the flexible full-functional job shop management software for the make-to-order production companies!

ERP Software Applications | Business processes to automate

How it works

Here is what flexible and cost-effective ERP software applications for make-to-order production companies by 1Ci that can be easily implemented offer.

A go-to solution for make-to-order production
1Ci solutions help make-to-order companies control their production processes and rapidly adapt them to changing conditions, and fuel their decision-making with customizable reports and historical data to analyze the whole business and its parts to unlock the growth points. As a result, the company can complete more orders and be always on time.
Scale as your business grows
1C:Drive (1Ci ERP for SMBs) features a flexible scalability model that allows companies to start with a minimal feature set and add more modules as the business grows. New business processes can be automated easily and on the fly.
Effective production management
With an ERP for job shops software, companies can automate the full range of production management tasks and manage complex production orders, consisting of multiple material resources and/or requiring numerous equipment units. Also, any job shop management team can easily assign tasks to employees and track their performance.

Solutions by 1Ci allow keeping all master data, product, and project documentation in one place. What is even more important, the system scales easily so that the company could add new processes without additional IT costs.

Operational analysis
Business data analysis is key to unlocking the growth potential, and this is precisely the task ERP is tailored to. With this solution, job shops can optimize resource usage, monitor material consumption, prevent theft, and identify bottlenecks in their production processes. In particular, these insights allow managers and business owners to understand whether it is necessary to add new equipment or the existing infrastructure could provide a higher ROI.
Also, having all these data in place makes the whole procurement flexible and adaptable, which allows the company to employ faster decision-making in response to changes in circumstances.
Planning and control production
1Ci ERP solutions allow make-to-order production companies to get full control over the production schedule and complete more orders on time: register production resources, prioritize, plan, and monitor production order execution. ERP software automatically adds new production orders to the work centers schedule once added to the system, minimizing error risks in planning. The tool helps to flexibly re-plan the production schedule in case of extra charges, issues with suppliers, or delays of materials.
Effective MRP
One of the biggest challenges in the job shop business is effective warehouse usage and materials management. With 1Ci ERP solutions, companies can optimize warehouse usage, track and control production resources' availability. The software allows getting up-to-date information about current or potential risks of shortage of materials and other resources.
The customer demand analysis can be used to purchase required materials and forecast demand in materials supplies.
Profitability and business performance monitoring
The 1Ci make-to-order ERP system can be set to monitor actual production costs and profitability with the breakdown of the customers’ orders. They can also monitor production costs and run variance analysis and evaluate the ROI of the new equipment. This will help production companies accelerate turnover of working capital, decrease labor costs, and increase production monitoring and control quality.
Enterprise-level customization
Unlike many other ERP solutions for SMBs, 1Ci ERP - 1C:Drive - is flexible and customized to support unique and rapidly changing business processes. This makes our job shop ERP software a perfect fit for job shops and make-to-order production companies.
Real-time order management
Effective job shop-style production is impossible without effective order tracking and real-time control. The company needs to prioritize customers’ orders, manage the delivery terms and react to the changes in the orders fast.

Underlying products and technologies

1Ci ERP solutions for Make-to-Order Production are based on cutting-edge and customer-proven business automation software


Business software solution capable of automating the majority of operations in small and medium-sized companies' workflow including purchases and sales, manufacturing, production and more.


Innovative application for building corporate management systems based on the best global practices in automating large and medium-sized businesses.


Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.

Industry-focused ERP solutions

ERP solutions created specifically to meet each industry needs


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