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ERP solutions for manufacturing - 1Ci

Changing to Succeed

Manufacturers in all industries and of any size are challenged by global competition more than ever before. But who are your most serious rivals and challengers? Bigger corporations, foreigners, neighbors? In fact, they are Smart Factories and Digital Enterprises that will be thriving in the data-driven world. And now is the best time to start using every available technological advantage to stay ahead.

Industry Challenges

Manufacturing companies face numerous challenges on a regular basis:

1Ci ERP solution for manufacturing - real-time visibility

Lack of real-time visibility and control of factory floors

Manufacturing ERP - Industry Challenges

Lack of reporting accuracy due to diverse systems integrated into different departments

Manufacturing ERP - Industry Challenges

Complex multi-stage production processes

Manufacturing ERP software -  Industry challenges

Lack of understanding of production lead time and ineffective production planning

Apparel ERP solutions - Industry challenges

Leftovers and lack of material resources in a warehouse

Manufacturing ERP - Industry Challenges

Geographically distributed operations which complicate management

By Deploying ERP for Manufacturing Companies, You Will

ERP for manufacturing industry

Identify and eliminate redundant processes and bottlenecks in the manufacturing process

ERP for Manufacturing - Prevent unplanned downtime

Prevent unplanned downtime due to lack of consistency in the production cycle and raw materials procurement and operate with near 100% efficiency

ERP for Manufacturing - Streamline data tracking

Streamline data tracking and analysis throughout all key departments for a clear understanding of the business

Integrated ERP for Business Growth in Manufacturing

Apparel ERP solutions - Industry challenges

Order Management

  • Create production, purchase and subcontractor orders based on sales orders and previous production orders
  • Track order statuses in real time
  • Estimates of order profitability before production starts
  • Reservation of stock on hand (quantity of goods for a certain Sales Order) and of ordered goods (quantity of goods ordered by Replenishment Orders, marked for a certain Sales Order)
ERP for Manufacturing - Production Management

Production Management

  • Manage complex production workflows as well as assembly/disassembly
  • Production planning: schedule operations, arrange the orders queue, set priorities, and replan
  • Calculate demand by tying production and sales orders to the demand planning section
  • Batch production
  • Production with materials consumption using the FEFO (First Expire, First Out) tracing method by expiration dates
ERP for Business Growth in Manufacturing - Customization


  • Purchase raw materials and components based on customer orders for make-to-order production and with the Demand Planning tool - for make-to-stock production
  • Manage inventory of complex products with variants: by serial numbers, attributes, categories, etc
  • Support for FIFO (First In, First Out) and Average inventory valuation methods
ERP for Manufacturing - Subcontracting


  • Subcontract production of products required for orders
  • Provide subcontracting services to third parties
ERP for Manufacturing - Integration and Mobility

Integration and Mobility

  • Integrate with CAD systems
  • Integrate with specialized manufacturing management systems like MES/MOM
  • Use the Mobile app for shop-floor production tasks dispatching
ERP for Manufacturing - Analysis and Reporting

Analysis and Reporting

  • Control costs and actual company profitability
  • Estimate the production lead time and order profitability
  • Manage manufacturing overheads

Integrated ERP for Business Growth in Manufacturing?

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Who Will Benefit from Using ERP for Manufacturing?

Company owner

Make data-driven decisions, analyze past performance, identify growth points and bottlenecks.

Production manager

Provide a full load of your production facilities and equipment, process more orders and meet the deadlines.

IT manager

Integrate the IT stack into a single system, that is easier to use, support and update.

Business Processes to Automate

1Ci ERP systems can be easily adapted to automate required processes and business needs, including:

Production planning: scheduling, prioritization, status tracking, BOM management
Materials planning and supply: demand planning and fulfillment, purchasing raw materials and components
Operational management of production, incl. production dispatching
Real-time order tracking
Sales management, incl. issuing quotations, generating invoices, registering payments
Initiating and registering delivery
Operational reporting and analysis
Financial results

1Ci ERP systems automate all core and supporting workflows, optimize business processes, boost faster order fulfillment, inventory turnover and reduce manufacturing and production costs.

ERP for manufacturing industry - 1Ci ERP systems

How It Works

1Ci ERP software for manufacturing companies is an excellent solution for companies with dispersed production models and businesses of various sizes.

Fully-functional management of manufacturing business
All core and supporting workflows are supported: orders creation and tracking, production management, production planning and control, purchases of raw materials and components, stock and warehouse management, sales of produced goods, CRM and marketing activities, equipment repair and maintenance management, financial analysis, etc.- all in a single ERP system and without purchasing additional modules and add-ons.
Support for a variety of production types and industries
1Ci manufacturing ERP solutions can be implemented in various industries including manufacturing of furniture, textile and apparel, metal, rubber and plastic products, electrical equipment production, etc. 1C:Drive supports discrete production of different complexity – from simple assembly to complex multi-stage production with byproducts – and types: make-to-order, make-to-stock, project-based, etc. 1C:ERP and 1C:Enterprise – based solutions can also support mass and continuous production workflows.
Track KPIs and analyze results
1Ci ERP solution for manufacturing provides a variety of reports and instruments for production planning and cost analysis, ongoing tracking and control of the lead time, coordination of material resources, balancing plans and budgets, etc. With the demonstrative dashboards, you can track and analyze production and business KPIs, build and fine-tune custom reports according to business needs.
Flexible and fast implementation
1Ci ERP solutions are tailored to support existing users’ roles, required business processes and IT stack that are already in the company. They can be easily customized for non-standard, unique, or rapidly changing production processes once needed.
Integration with existing IT infrastructure
Integrate ERP system with software or logistics system used in the company, incl. TMS, WMS, MES, CAD, any DBMS (MS SQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Oracle, etc.), hardware or production equipment supporting a flexible data-exchange protocol.
1C:Drive ERP software solution for manufacturing is convenient for working with subcontractors, receiving production services from other manufacturers and providing subcontracting production services to other companies.
Mobile capabilities
Our ERP systems allow for quickly executing shop-floor manufacturing operations (take to work, make changes, mark the completion, etc.) by workshop staff via mobile devices.

Underlying Products and Technologies

1Ci automation solutions for manufacturing are based on highly flexible, time- and customer-proven
business digitization software


Business software solution capable of automating the majority of operations in small and medium-sized companies' workflow including purchases and sales, manufacturing, production and more.


Innovative application for building corporate management systems based on the best global practices in automating large and medium-sized businesses.


Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.

Industry-focused ERP solutions

ERP solutions created specifically to meet each industry needs


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