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1C:Drive for Production

1C:Drive ERP software helps medium production businesses grow and stay ahead of the competition.  

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Improve Production Planning Efficiency

Due to the lack of automation, production companies often struggle when trying to make their production planning effective:

In small production companies, the production plan is usually managed by a single employee. This incurs additional business risks since the company’s production process largely depends on that one person.
Another hardship caused by the lack of automation is that it does not allow manufacturers to effectively plan the production lifecycle when the order is received.
When done manually, the components availability and costs analyses often lead to errors and the lack of understanding of real costs and resources needed to accomplish the project.
It is difficult to adapt to changes in the process, which causes poor forecasting based on historical production data, material planning, machine capacity and so on.

1C:Drive production planning software provides robust instruments for supply chain planning and optimization, including order management system, production scheduling, BOM management, materials planning and control – all in a single solution. Integrated data flow and sophisticated automation allow businesses to always understand the production lead time and the availability of equipment, materials, and components.

Gain Confidence in Your MRP (Material Resource Planning)

Excel-based and manual material resource planning (MRP) are outdated and lead to an overwhelming number of mistakes. Production companies that use this approach often struggle with:

Getting realistic plans for the production equipment usage. Estimates are often inaccurate, leading to equipment idle time or queuing of orders. In both cases, the business loses real money. 
Having the right amount of production materials to process orders at the warehouse. Again, mistakes in planning may lead to overstocking or a lack of materials and delays in order processing. All this leads to lost profits.

1C:Drive production planning software is designed to serve production companies and help them with their MRP and supply chain planning. ERP in production allows businesses to fully understand what is needed to process any order (based on the product BOM) and meet the deadline, what components are missing, what should be purchased and accurately calculate the lead time.

Avoid Non-Optimal Usage of Production Equipment

Manual planning and lack of automation also make it difficult for production companies to keep track of their business processes and flexibly adapt to the changing environment, including: 

Rapidly react to order changes or cancellations to avoid situations when the customer has modified or already canceled the order, but the information about that got lost and sent to production. As a result, the company produces something nobody needs, spends resources, and receives no revenue. 
Avoid unnecessary idle time and machine readjustments when the equipment is stopped due to a changed or even canceled order. Idle time is pure loss by default, but readjusting the machine to work with another type of product can also produce defective goods before all parts start working smoothly. Again, this is when a business loses money. 

With multi-level BOM (Bill of Materials) in 1C:Drive production planning software, you can see the complete list of routing operations and components required to make the product, estimate the workcenters workload, and plan your procurement. The overall production schedule shows the full picture of the workload. In case of changing or cancellation of the baseline order you can reschedule the original production plan based on the updated information. With ERP in production, you can create production orders based on the client's order and track everything starting from this point.

Improve Production Analysis to Find New Points of Growth

Automation helps boost planning and unlock growth points. Manual planning does not allow production companies to: 

Find bottlenecks in their business processes and optimize the resources involved in production.
Understand if there is a way to achieve higher efficiency and process more orders with the same equipment. 

Multiple reports for the ongoing production plan execution control in 1C:Drive allow you to analyze deviations in the plan, track deadlines, and get all the information for better understanding of potential risks such as equipment shortages, lack of materials, or employee work time. 24x7x365 monitoring significantly boosts the quality of produced goods and streamlines business processes across the whole company, from demand planning & sales orders management to production planning and control. 

Control Revenue, Production Costs and Order Statuses

High-quality cost calculation and profit planning are crucial for any production company that wants to stay competitive in the modern market. However, the lack of automation makes it challenging to effectively solve these tasks. The list of possible issues includes: 

Calculation of profits per order and cost of production per order. Manual planning and analysis may lead to a situation when a company processes loss making orders due to wrong evaluation of costs and possible profit. 
Understand the ROI of the equipment based on the actual production load and profitability of orders. Any error in such analysis may lead to investments in new equipment that will take longer to get to break-even and start generating profits. 

With the 1C:Drive order management software, production companies can get a 360-degree view of their profitability and business performance, calculate production costs, minimum order cost and order profitability, and accelerate turnover of working capital by optimizing the turnover of production materials.

Be Prepared for Changes

Changes in orders and issues with suppliers are common problems for many production companies. Unfortunately, businesses have almost no options to effectively tackle these issues with the traditional Excel-based approach to business management and planning. 

It is tough to effectively plan production and resources to keep all processes predictable. As a result, employees or equipment often have no orders to work on, or there are unexpected demand spikes that the company cannot go through with no delays and other mistakes made.
Manual planning gives no way to track order status in real time, making it hard to adapt to changes in this order. That can often lead to situations when a company produces a wrong item or something that the customer does not need anymore.

Specialized order management software included in the 1C:Drive allows tracking the whole process from receiving an order to its production. You can create a purchase order or production order based on the customer order. When a change is made to an underlying document, you can easily adjust the corresponding documents above in the chain. This speeds up decision-making in response to changes in circumstances like non-availability of work centers, issues with suppliers, delays of materials, or changes in customer’s orders. 

Why 1C:Drive?

Flexible fully-functional ERP system for small- and medium-sized production companies

Full-fledged yet affordable ERP for small and medium companies
Easy and fast (3-12 week) implementation
ERP customization for non-standard or rapidly changing production processes
Ability to integrate with CAD, MES, MOM, or hardware

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