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A low-code development framework designed for rapid and cost-effective creation of cross-platform business automation software.

1C:Enterprise low-code platform | 1Ci ERP Software

Boost Your Software Development and Implementation Business

1C:Enterprise low-code platform enables you to reduce the time and costs of implementation projects while generating recurring revenue through your customizations and your own platform-based products.

Enterprise Application Platform|Fast development

Reduce Project
Cost & Timeline

Reduce the cost of ERP implementation projects through fast and efficient development using low-code tools that can be mastered by employees without deep experience in programming.

1C:Enterprise - Create Desktop, Cloud and Mobile apps

Get New Recurrent
Revenue Streams

Generate additional recurring revenue streams from each ERP implementation project thanks to the vendor's flexible licensing policy and the implementation of new platform features.

Developer ERP Platform - Easily customize 1C:Enterprise apps

Create & Sell
Your Own Solutions

1C:Enterprise low-code development platform allows you to develop and sell your own products or scale your customizations for use in multiple implementation projects.

Trusted by Over 1.5 Million Companies Worldwide

Representing a diverse array of industries and sizes, from small productions, shops, and restaurants to giant enterprises, manufacturers, energy facilities, and transnational holdings.

1C:Enterprise application platform is deployed in 95 countries

1C:Enterprise application platform is deployed in 95 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and both Americas.

1.5 mln+

companies use 1C:Enterprise platform

5 mln+

users rely on 1C:Enterprise applications in their everyday work


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partners deployed solutions based on 1C:Enterprise


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Full-Stack Unified Framework Covering All Aspects of Development

The 1C:Enterprise low-code platform is an environment for developing, debugging and running applications. It consists of the following elements: Integrated development environment (IDE); Visually configurable building blocks (Configuration Objects); The application server.

Rapid Low-Code
Cross-Platform Development

The swift 1C:Enterprise application creation is empowered by its low-code/no-code tools and cross-platform capabilities:
- It comes equipped with essential pre-built blocks (Configuration Objects) tailored for business application development.
- Your platform-based application and its interface effortlessly adapt to various operating systems and devices—simply create an application once and run it anywhere.

Building Blocks Linked with Business Operations

Building Blocks | Low-Code ERP
Building blocks (Configuration Objects) - set of high-level metadata classes, each representing a specific business application entity that are widely used in enterprise apps, like a document, catalog, accounting register, payroll register, etc.
Each of them is visually configurable and fully functional off the bat and comes with its own data structure, data processing logic, and UX/UI.
To create an application using 1C:Enterprise low-code platform, you only need to know your business logic (accounting, sales, payroll, etc.) and how to map it to the 1C:Enterprise Configuration Objects. 
For example, from the Configuration Object 'Catalog', you can create modules storing lists of Customers, Products, Employees, etc. From the 'Document', you can generate business events, such as Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, or Invoices.

Easy Prototyping & Agile Implementation

Easy Prototyping & Agile | Low-Code Platform
Using 1C:Enterprise low-code/no-code tools you can easily create prototypes for clients and make changes without dealing with complex development and design mockup updates. 
Customize platform-based solutions effortlessly, without spending time on interface development, library, and framework selection.
Adopt more contemporary and flexible methodologies in your implementation projects, to align with constantly changing project requirements.
Managers, analysts, accountants, and consultants can create prototypes and make basic customizations on their own without involving developers.

Open Code, Flexibility and Extensive Integration Capabilities

Open Code | Extensive Integration Capabilities
If your client requires something very complex and/or unorthodox, you can go full-code and use powerful 1C script language.
It still speaks to you in business terms and tries to hide from you as many low-level details as possible. This is one of the most high-level programming languages with a syntax resembling that of JavaScript.
Accessing the source code of applications not only unleashes boundless potential for customizing existing apps to meet diverse industry and client requirements but also empowers you to create and scale your own vertical solutions.
Seamless integration with various e-commerce, finance, and government services, 3rd-party business solutions, as well as the equipment and devices used by your clients through web services (HTTP, REST, and SOAP), data exchange (JSON and XML), APIs (oData), ODBC, COM interfaces, plain text and more.
Low-Code Software | Access rights management

Access rights management, Activity analysis, Encryption, TLS (SSL), HTTPS to secure and control data availability in accordance with user roles

Financial and analytical reporting | Low-Code ERP

Financial and analytical reporting for creating a wide range of adjustable financial and management documents

Web Services Integration | Low-Code Platform

Integration through web services (HTTP, REST, and SOAP), data exchange (JSON and XML), APIs (oData), ODBC, COM interfaces, plain text and more

Support of various DBMS | Low-Code ERP

Support of various DBMS, including MS SQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, and Oracle DB

Cloud Solutions and Working Online

The 1C:Enterprise platform offers several options for working online, including web interfaces accessible
via standard browsers.

Cloud Solutions and Working Online | Low-Code Platform

1C:Enterprise Based Application Ecosystem

All 1C:Enterprise based solutions inherit amazing platforms features. Discover the wide range of products developed by 1C, 1Ci and our partners. Find the right solution for you, or become a partner and create your own products.

1C:Drive - Flexible business software to manage and control


Flexible business automation solution to manage and control operations for growing businesses of any size.
1C:ERP - Complete solution for building corporate management systems


Complete solution for automating multi-stage mature production and processes in large enterprises based on the best global practices.
1C:Enterprise - Developer ERP Platform for Business Automation Software Creation


Comprehensive CPM solution for financial performance management in holding companies.

Learn the Technology in Weeks

Within a few weeks, even non-developers will be able to master basic customization and development on 1C:Enterprise low-code platform, thanks to the educational courses provided by 1Ci and support from wide international 1C community.

1Ci Academy

Low Code Comprehensive Courses | 1Ci Academy
Explore our online educational platform featuring comprehensive self-learning courses designed to elevate your proficiency in the dynamic ecosystem of 1C:Enterprise development and ERP project essentials.

Start your journey to refine your application development skills. Learn to create robust applications with enhanced functionality, ensuring unique flexibility to meet client needs efficiently.

Partner Onboarding

Partner Onboarding Program | Low-Code Platform Development
This 6-week program is free for active 1Ci partners. It comprises various materials and formats, including self-learning, online sessions, practical assignments, and certification tests.
We equip our partners with essential sales, marketing, processes, product knowledge, and documentation for seamless integration into the 1Ci business and technical ecosystem.

Student ERP Trainings

Student ERP Trainings | Low-Code Platform

We extend our educational efforts to local universities through a dedicated program for students, enabling them to acquire comprehensive knowledge of ERP and gain hands-on experience in using and configuring our 1C:Enterprise-based products.
This free one-month training includes offline and online sessions, practical assignments, self-learning, and case workshops.

Developer Guide

1C:Enterprise Practical Developer Guide

A quick tutorial on development and modification of applied solutions based on the 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform. It can serve both as a practical guide and a reference manual.

The tutorial is designed for managers, users, and beginner developers who are not yet familiar with 1C:Enterprise.

Get the Turkish version of the guide through this link

Get the Guide

1C:Enterprise Practical Developer Guide | 1Ci ERP

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