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Being a 1Ci partner, you can strengthen your competitive advantage, keeping up with the latest trends and achievements on the ERP market and offering your customers the best-fitted solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

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With an array of flexible and customizable 1Ci software products, you can address the unique needs of every client and run more projects than ever before.

1C:Enterprise Platform

Powerful and flexible tool for fast development of business applications

1C:Enterprise is a new generation business application development platform that offers a unique framework to enable developers to quickly build open-code custom solutions. A comprehensive development tool, the platform has been used to create more than 1.5+ K business applications including the 1Ci core products and a wide range of industry specific solutions developed by 1C partners.
Open-code applications
Easily integrated with third-party solutions
   On-premises, cloud, or mobile deployment
Supports 21 languages

1Ci Core Products

Highly-efficient business applications to meet your customers’ needs

1C:Drive - Flexible business software to manage and control


A flexible ERP solution to control and manage key processes in small and medium-sized companies. Based on the powerful 1C:Enterprise platform, it supports fast and easy adaptation to evolving business models and always grows together with the business. Perfectly fits for wholesale distribution, production, and service companies.
  • Easy to adapt to unique processes
  • Fits into SMB’s budget
  • Easy to add new functions
1C:ERP - Complete solution for building corporate management systems


Powerful solution for large and medium-sized companies, it helps to meet the digital challenges of today's business, achieve transparency of processes and lead the markets.


Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution for financial management in holding companies.

1Ci Academy

Become a 1Ci technology expert to give your clients more functionality and flexibility

Learn for free, pay only for certification
100% online
Created by 1Ci experts
Dive deep into 1C:ERP functionality and grow your presales knowledge. Enhance your development skills on 1C:Enterprise platform and learn how to build, deploy and maintain business apps at your client with the 1Ci Academy training courses.

Customer Stories

Find out how our customers are succeeding with 1Ci solutions that empower their business and make it prosper.

1Ci Partner Program Opportunities

Regardless of your business strategy — reselling out-of-the-box solutions, running implementation projects, creating your own unique business applications, or consulting — 1Ci Partner Program has something to offer you. Choose the most appropriate role, or a combination of several roles, that best fits your goals and your plans for partnership with 1Ci.


Extend your customer reach and increase your revenue with the diverse product line that includes solutions for companies of any size.


Create unique applications faster and better adapted to the needs of your customers by using powerful 1C:Enterprise platform.


Run more projects and meet requirements of the most demanding clients with easy-to-customize and support 1Ci products.


Stand out from your competitors with the diverse and flexible 1Ci product line at your disposal. Quickly find the right solution.

Key benefits

Fast start with a well-defined onboarding process
Comprehensive educational programs
All-around vendor support
Transparent growth system for partners
Technology trusted by the industry

1Ci Partners’ Success

1Ci Partner network is spread all over the world. Enjoy interviews from 1Ci Partners who built successful IT business and stay ahead of their competitors delivering solutions that perfectly meet customers’ requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to work with 1Ci products but know nothing about 1C technologies. How can I study it?
I’m an official 1C partner/ I’m used to working with 1C products and technologies. What are the advantages and perspectives of working with 1Ci when entering international markets?
How can I earn more money with this program?
Are your products adapted to the local specifics of doing business in my country?
None of the suggested business strategies of working with 1Ci suits me. What is to be done?
What are 1C:Drive and 1C:ERP?

Visit 1Ci Academy and begin your training on the 1C:Enterprise platform to become a 1C technologies professional.

Training courses are created by 1Ci experts cover all the necessary topics. Start training today without any limitations and learn at your own pace since our courses are FREE and 100% ONLINE. Moreover, you can subscribe to the 1Ci YouTube channel where we share tons of educational videos and webinars.

1Ci products are based on 1C technologies and specifically adapted to global markets. For example, the 1C:Drive ERP solution is available in Turkish Edition, German Edition, Polish Edition, and Colombian Edition. 1Ci products are easy to customize and adapt to particular customer needs and local aspects of doing business. Arrange a personal meeting with 1Ci Partner Success Manager to learn more about your opportunities with 1Ci.

Working with 1Ci technologies, you will be able to do implementations and/or build business automation software several times faster than before, and as a result, to run more projects. Moreover, when moving forward along the Partner Program steps, you will additionally grow your profit per each project.

Sure! Our products are customizable and flexible enough to adapt to your business processes and local requirements. For example, local versions of 1C:Drive (Turkish, Polish, German, and Colombian Editions) include not only UI localization but functionality localization as well: local business practices, operations planning, local documents and laws are all taken into account. Since all 1Ci core products are based on the open-code 1C:Enterprise platform they are flexible enough to easily customize and adapt to your local needs and requirements.

Just fill the form below and our Partner Success Managers will contact you to discuss your own collaborative strategy with 1Ci.

1C:Drive is a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that is designed specifically for small and medium companies. Known for its flexibility, 1C:Drive can correspond to the most unusual processes and needs supporting the uniqueness of your processes.

1Ci ERP solutions are Enterprise Resource Planning and business management solutions for companies of different sizes and industries. 1C:Drive is specifically designed to meet the needs of growing SMEs, 1C:ERP perfectly fits Enterprises with complex production processes.

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