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Underlying 1Ci solutions is a comprehensive 1C:Enterprise platform that includes a set of technologies and development tools for digitizing business processes.

Amaze your customers with innovative solutions.

Deploy in a much shorter time & get faster revenues.

Create products available on premise or in the cloud.

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With a powerful platform trusted by customers. 5 mln+ users already rely on 1C:Enterprise in their everyday work. 

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Unleash the potential of developing business solutions of any scale.


Flexible development platform allowing to create business solutions in days.

Empower your solutions with innovative technology
Create systems for Windows, Mac, Cloud or Mobile
Easily customize to your customer's requirements

Build from apps

Leverage 1Ci applications to create new solutions by customizing them to the requirements of your local markets.


Integrated solution to manage all the range of SMB processes in one system

Manage day-to-day operations of an SMB
Customize to your industry and the specific processes
Deploy to Windows, Mac, Linux - on the desktop, or in the cloud


Advanced system to drive process efficiency of a large company

Manage multiple processes in one integrated dashboard
Access data in the cloud for real-time decision-making
Implement in faster times and with costs optimized

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