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Changing to succeed

Industrial machinery and equipment industry has a lot of peculiarities, which make it hard for companies to keep track of their orders, stocks, and deadlines. Having the right management software in place can help in increasing the efficiency of planning, production management, and profitability of each order.

Industry challenges

Industrial machinery and metal goods production are industries with complex, multi-stage business processes. To succeed and stay competitive, industrial manufacturers have to streamline the whole production lifecycle. The critical challenges of the industry for the management are: production capacity planning and minimization of downtime, purchasing planning and effective inventory management, cost budgeting, calculation and analysis, advanced quality management system, controllability and manageability of business processes, starting from the operational level to the level of strategic management.
These problems can be solved by the implementation of an ERP for the industrial machinery and equipment industry. The 1Ci ERP solutions are perfect for managing the whole product lifecycle, fueling decision-making with the real data, boosting the effectiveness of stock operations, and adding more flexibility to the production processes.

By deploying machinery and industrial equipment ERP you will

Get a single solution for biggest problems industrial equipment manufacturers face, including warehouse management, production planning, controlling deadlines, and keeping business-critical data correct and up-to-date.

Keep track of your warehouse to maintain accurate stock balances. Always understand what materials do you have and what you need to purchase to finish the order.

Easily integrate an ERP with CAD systems to get accurate, up-to-date data to make high-quality business decisions.

Plan demand, production, and order processing times to avoid lost contracts, missed deadlines, and decreased profits.

ERP for industrial machinery and equipment industry

Real-time production planning

  • Plan production loads
  • Manage provisioning and stock balances
  • Use sales data from previous periods for higher accuracy

Cost accounting and margin control

  • Control spending and costs at each step of the production timeline
  • Achieve ROI-positive production economy

High level of customization

  • Adapt ERP system to your unique business processes
  • Scale the solution once you need to launch new projects and products. No additional software needed to fit your company's growth

Integrations with various business solutions

  • Integrate ERP system to your current infrastructure for better data management and accuracy
  • Connect ERP with CAD system

Production support at every stage

  • Get data-driven insights
  • Make business processes more effective
  • Reduce costs and increase profits

Who will benefit from using ERP for industrial machinery and metal goods industry

ERP implementation allows to optimize the work both of the production and administrative parts of the business. All activity can be tracked in a single database, all data are available immediately. This significantly reduces manual labor, increases the quality and reliability of data, and allows the management team to make more informed business decisions.

Production Manager

Implement a value chain at every step of the production process to achieve positive ROI and higher efficiency.

Sales Manager

Analyze sales stats from previous periods to craft better sales pitches, set up relevant deadlines, and increase the company's revenues.

Head of Production

Increase the efficiency of the infrastructure, maintain effective equipment load, and control deadlines.

Business processes to automate

Full-cycle ERP systems for industrial machinery and equipment industry perfectly suits for automation of the whole business. This means that they can be used to automate and boost almost every aspect of the industrial manufacturing business. Here is the list of most often automated business processes:

Bill of Materials (BOM) management.
Accounting — unified chart of accounts, financial reports, VAT calculation, etc.
Warehouse management — automated document flow, real-time asset tracking, inventory management, etc.
Data exchange with third-party business applications — integration with MES and CAD for real-time data exchange.
Production and shipping management — raw materials accounting, production plans and dispatching, end-product tracking, sales and shipment orders tracking.
Cost accounting and margin control — cash flow budget, payment calendar, automatic receipts, advance reports, project costing, comprehensive reports.

Underlying products and technologies

1Ci ERP solutions for industrial machinery and equipment are based on cutting-edge and customer-proven business automation software


Business software solution capable of automating the majority of operations in small and medium-sized companies' workflow including purchases and sales, manufacturing, production and more.


Innovative application for building corporate management systems based on the best global practices in automating large and medium-sized businesses.


Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.

Industry-focused ERP solutions

ERP solutions created specifically to meet each industry needs


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