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ERP for Food | Food Manufacturing ERP

Changing to Succeed

Food business management is a complex task that is hard to solve without using tailored software solutions. The 1Ci ERP solutions help in building multiple business processes, including food inventory management, processing, manufacturing, and distribution.
Use the food ERP software to control your technological process, plan demand and production volumes, and adapt to changing market conditions.

Industry Challenges

Food manufacturing, processing, and distribution industry has multiple pain points, and tasks companies need to solve to stay competitive. This list includes:

Manufacturing ERP - Industry Challenges

Shelf life, batch traceability, and quality control

ERP for food - Recipe and ingredient management

Recipe and ingredient management

Food manufacturing ERP - Industry Challenges

Sophisticated demand planning process

ERP for food - sales and inventory management

Sales and inventory management

Manufacturing ERP - Industry Challenges

Automation and synchronization of all production processes

ERP for food - Production planning

Production planning

Apparel ERP solutions - Industry challenges

Speeding up operations

ERP for food - sophisticated demand planning process

Eliminating data-related errors

Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting for better business understanding

Food ERP manufacturing solutions help companies solve these tasks, keep track of their resources, eliminate manual labor and associated mistakes, and eventually lift efficiency and boost revenues.

By deploying ERP for food industry you will

Get a complete understanding of your production processes and resources, including raw materials and packaging stock balances, real-time pricing management, and thorough technological processes control.

Use food ERP solutions for inventory management

Use food ERP solutions for inventory management to avoid overstocking or lack of materials or packaging.

Food manufacturing ERP - Optimize food processing

Optimize food processing by enabling technological process control features.

Food manufacturing ERP - Plan food distribution

Plan food distribution using demand planning based on previous sales data.

ERP Solutions for Food Manufacturers

Solutions for Food Industry - Cost Accounting

Cost Accounting, Margin Control

  • Reduce costs, control pricing for procurement and sales.
  • Automate food inventory management, which is especially important for perishable foods.
  • Adapt to changing prices from vendors, all in real-time and at no additional cost.
ERP for food - Technological Process Control

Technological Process Control

  • Set up important characteristics of the technological process and track them automatically using food ERP software.
  • Avoid recipe incoherence, make sure the final product is of a desired quality and its properties are as they should be.
Solutions for Food Industry  - Advanced Planning

Advanced Planning

  • Use sales data from previous periods to better plan purchases, stock, and production loads.
  • Use ERP food manufacturing solution to set up food distribution and control the workflows and third party relations in real-time.
Stock management

More Effective Stock Management

  • Eliminate mistakes in stock planning, never run out of raw materials or packaging.
  • Always correctly calculate future demand and plan your warehouse accordingly.
Manufacturing ERP - Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

  • Comprehensive business analysis, consolidated reporting and budgeting.
  • Real time monitoring for important business metrics, ROI calculation.
ERP for food - Optimized Cost Management

Optimized Cost Management

  • Use food business management solutions by 1Ci to correctly calculate production costs and profit margins when working with multiple suppliers, all in real-time.
Manufacturing ERP - Industry Challenges

Demand and Distribution Planning

  • 1Ci ERP solutions for food industry provide demand and distribution planning based on historical data from previous sales periods.

Who will benefit from using food ERP & business management solutions?

Food Manufacturing ERP - Production Manager

Production Manager

Always be sure that your technological process is automatically controlled and the quality of the end product is perfect.
ERP for Food - Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Plan sales using historical data from previous periods, redistribute resources to close more deals and keep right timing.
ERP for Food - Wharehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager

Plan stock balances of raw materials and packaging to avoid shortages and overstocking.

Business Processes to Automate

Built with the best global practices of ERP for the food industry 1Ci solutions perfectly align with the business tasks of food and beverage production and distribution. The automation fuels growth, reduces errors, increases productivity, and as a result, revenues. Here is the list of crucial business processes most often automated by companies in the food industry.

Production – manages processes and data on product composition, structure, and formulation.
Procurement – purchasing and supplier relationship management.
Sales management – sales analysis (ABC / XYZ), settlement payments with customers, wholesale, pricing, and price lists.
Accounting and tax management – unified chart of accounts, financial reports, VAT calculation, etc.
Cost accounting and margin control – calculation of standard and actual costs, management of data on product composition and structure, formulation, accounting of production costs.
Food inventory management – avoiding overstocking or lack of materials or packaging, shelf life and product traceability control.
Logistics – optimization of distribution, delivery control, and transport management (SFM, WMS, TMS).

1Ci food ERP solutions allow optimizing both production and distribution, and the management and financial aspects of the business. Companies always have access to all key performance indicators and real-time reports. Automation leads to fewer manual labor, resulting in fewer mistakes, higher data accuracy, and efficiency. Data-driven decisions lead to increased revenues, reduced costs, and the management team's full understanding of every element of the business.

business activity

How It Works

Here is how food ERP solutions by 1Ci can help to solve the above tasks:

Highly-effective business processes automation
Food ERP software solutions allow companies to automate the full range of business processes from the purchase of raw materials to the shipment of food and beverage products to the final sale point. This ensures higher efficiency, reduced costs, and better ROI.
With food business management software, Food/CPG/FMCG manufacturers and distributors will be able to wholly manage their production and plan business processes using the data-driven approach. The management team is always on track with raw material availability, sales, or any other factors.  
Real-time financial data access and analysis
Food business management software also allows companies to implement finance, accounting, management accounting, and monitor production results in real-time, including key performance indicator analysis. The company always has access to real-time information regarding specific production items and related indicators like profitability, seasonality, points of sale.
Powerful inventory management
The food manufacturing ERP system allows companies to streamline their inventory management processes. Inventory management features will enable businesses to flexibly account for all the characteristics and requirements of the components and items they use in production and distribution.
Error-free accounting and compliance with local regulations
Treasury, tax accounting, budgetary accounting, and regulatory reporting are crucial elements of every business' success. ERP software can be synchronized with an accounting tool, and we are continually tailoring food manufacturing solutions to local markets to comply with regulations present in specific countries.

Underlying Products and Technologies

1Ci ERP solutions for food production are based on cutting-edge and customer-proven business automation software


Business software solution capable of automating the majority of operations in small and medium-sized companies' workflow including purchases and sales, manufacturing, production and more.


Corporate Performance Management system for consolidation of reporting, advanced budgeting, and financial performance management in holding companies.


Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.

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