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Customer life cycle optimization and control for boosting growth.

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Sales Management and CRM | 1Ci ERP Solutions

Changing to Succeed

Controlling the sales process and the customer life cycle is crucial for any business focused on revenue growth and building a trustworthy relationship with its clients. Using the right tools allows companies to get insights on the effectiveness of their tactics, increase customer loyalty, maintain effective accounting, and planning. An effective sales control and CRM system are essential both for the company's management as well as salespeople.

Why you need Sales management & CRM solution

With CRM & Sales Management solution you are able to automate the customer life cycle at every step of the sales funnel from the first contact to purchase and post-sale support.

Sales and CRM ERP - Boost sales

Boost sales by implementing a flexible discount policy.

CRM and Sales Management - Manage your sales and customer relationships

Manage your sales and customer relationships in a single control point. Stay on top of all your business communications and processes.

CRM and Sales Management - Find new growth points

Find new growth points using a sophisticated sales planning system.

By deploying ERP with CRM and Sales management you will

Sales and CRM - Register and collect information

Register and collect information about prospective customers.

ERP with Sales and CRM - track your customer data

Track your customer data in tiny details and all interactions.

ERP with CRM and Sales management - Persons

Define sales persons responsible for sales & marketing activities.

CRM and Sales Management - Offer exclusive discounts

Offer exclusive discounts and custom terms using a comprehensive discount management system.

CRM and Sales Management - Create the sales plan

Create the sales plan, control its implementation, reach your goals.

CRM and Sales Management - Automate the lead management

Automate the lead management at every stage of the sales funnel from the first contact to a final purchase.

Keep close to your customers and sales as never before

CRM ERP software from 1Ci - Sales prices

Sales prices

Orchestrate sales prices and discounts based on data from contracts with clients and groups of clients within specific requirements.
Manage sales price types catalog to make changes to price policy as needed.
Automatically add final price to the sales line when the order details meet the conditions specified in the sales price table.
Assign multiple prices starting from wholesale to an end-user price to a specific product using flexible price classification tool.
Apply corresponding price to a sale document of a particular customer in order to eliminate manual work, save time, and reduce the number of errors.

Sales funnel

Manage customer journey from a lead stage to the final purchase and post-sale life cycle.
Segment audience based on multiple criteria, including industry, sales model, or your business goals.
CRM ERP software from 1Ci - Sales funnel
CRM ERP software from 1Ci - Sales pipeline

Sales pipeline

Segment leads acquired via different channels and campaigns at any time.
Compare, filter, and group your campaigns and sales reps' productivity.
Be aware of how long each campaign stage takes.


Specify flexible discounts to make the best offer for your customers.
Encourage your customers to buy your goods and services.
Raise your sales when the customer is ready to pay more for fulfilling their order urgently.
Sales Management Solution | Discounts

Who will benefit from using ERP with Sales & CRM

Sales and CRM - Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Stay in touch with your customers and have valuable insights about their experience.
Sales and CRM - Head of Sales

Head of Sales

Create a flexible sales strategy and control its implementation. Get the ability to motivate the sales team at every key moments.
Sales and CRM - Sales Director

Sales Director

Optimize the paperwork and reporting that is crucial for the decision-making process and gaining the right business development goals.

Underlying products and technologies

1Ci ERP solutions with sales management & CRM are based on highly flexible, time- and customer-proven business digitization software


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Business software solution capable of automating the majority of operations in small and medium-sized companies' workflow including purchases and sales, manufacturing, production and more.


ERP for wholesale distribution - 1C:ERP
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ERP for wholesale distribution - 1C:Enterprise
Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.

Industry-focused ERP solutions

ERP solutions created specifically to meet each industry needs


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