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Address the challenges of the highly variable assortment of the textile market.

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Apparel ERP Software for Production | 1Ci Solutions

Changing to succeed

Textile and apparel manufacturers often face difficulties when tracking processes such as material production, stock management, master production schedule, and quality controls. To ensure flawless operation and data tracking across all the order management and production stages, you need to choose a reliable business automation solution.

Industry challenges

Textile and apparel production businesses face multiple issues they need to overcome to provide outstanding products, win the competition, and stay ROI-positive in the dynamic industry.

Textile ERP Software - Production planning and control

Planning of complex multi-stage production and equipment usage control

Apparel ERP solutions - Industry challenges

Optimization of stock usage for raw materials and products

ERP for food  - Advanced Planning

Omnichannel and multi-currecncy commerce

Apparel ERP solutions - Industry challenges

Order status tracking in real-time with multiple lot numbers and variants

Apparel ERP solutions - Industry challenges

Obsolete reporting and inconsistent data

Apparel ERP solutions - Industry challenges

Changes in production lines and technologies, seasonal collections

The right software tailored for the textile industry helps solve these tasks. 1Ci ERP for textile and apparel is designed to help companies overcome these challenges with a wide range of flexible business automation tools.

By deploying 1Ci Textile ERP, you will

Automate the entire manufacturing process starting from customer orders to delivery of packages to warehouses.

1Ci Textile ERP - Get full control

Get full control over the manufacturing process, stock, distribution, sales, financial accounting, and budget.

1Ci Textile ERP - Access to real-time reporting

Access to real-time reporting and order statuses data at any time, anywhere.

1Ci Textile ERP - Streamline textile production

Streamline textile production while taking into account all of your business specifics and variability of products.

Textile ERP Software

Integrated ERP for Business Growth - 1Ci Solutions

Production management

  • Unify and integrate all manufacturing stages, including sewing, washing, ironing, and quality control, within a single information system in line with the Industry 4.0 vision of a successful production company
  • Mass manage tasks of different complexity (incl. batch production), subcontract production or provide subcontracting services
  • Easily integrate handheld terminals and various production equipment into your IT infrastructure
Apparel ERP solutions - Industry challenges

Inventory and purchasing

  • Track and regulate all of the necessary product parameters, such as size, color, etc. as product variants, control quantity per shop, and per production stage
  • Purchase materials required for a specific order or to replenish the stock for regular textile productions
Apparel ERP solutions - Industry challenges

Reporting and analysis

  • Get business performance reports not only from the main factory but from all of the distributed factories, departments, warehouses, and shops
  • Control sales and stock levels in the retail shops on one consolidated dashboard
Apparel ERP solutions - Industry challenges

Production planning and control

  • Schedule and monitor the performance of production units to control their optimal load and supply them with raw materials in time
  • Implement changes rapidly in case of production order changes
Apparel ERP solutions - Industry challenges

Sales and order management

  • Track the list of apparel items throughout the creation process right to the delivery and sales in real-time
  • Work with customers all over the world, manage prices and discounts
ERP Solutions for Manufacturing - Integration and Mobility


  • Integrate online shop with back-office to automatically create orders from the website purchases
  • Align prices and stock levels, calculate delivery dates

Who will benefit from using a textile ERP?

Textile ERP - Business Owner

Business owner

Get real-time data on business efficiency, oversee the performance of different business units, departments and employees, make informed tactical and strategic decisions.
Textile ERP - Production manager

Production manager

Get a continuous connection with the whole production process, forecast production output, fulfill more orders at a time, manage tasks on a mobile device.
Textile ERP - IT Manager

IT manager

Rapidly adapt the ERP to changeable company needs in case of changes in production processes and technologies.

Business processes to automate

1Ci ERP solutions perfectly suit the textile and apparel production industry—whether it is make-to-order production of unique goods, make-to-stock, or mass production. The following processes can be easily automated:

Purchases of materials required for production
Production planning and control
Managing production tasks and controlling equipment capacity
Inventory and warehouse management
Order management
Sales of goods produced
Operational reporting and finances

1Ci ERP solutions perfectly suit the textile and apparel production industry

How it works

What makes 1C:Drive, 1C:ERP and other 1C: Enterprise based solutions ideal ERP for textile and apparel companies.

All-in-one textile ERP software
1Ci ERP systems support all the required processes and workflows and allow managing the whole textile production lifecycle from production planning and procurement to sales, order delivery, and reporting. With 1Ci solutions, you can exchange data among procurement, finances, sales, and other departments as well as with counterparties without losses and delays. Moreover, there’s a possibility to integrate the system with the Industry 4.0 devices and tools.
Apparel inventory management of “lots” with variants
Manage inventory of complex products with product variants by different criteria: colors, attributes, categories, etc. 1Ci ERP for apparel and textile allows to easily track stock levels and manage inventory of both raw materials and finished products. This is especially helpful when thousands of new lots are added to the system every season when preparing seasonal apparel collections.
Transparency of processes and finances

Real-time reporting and finances management with more than 100 pre-built reports, ability to create custom reports, depending on your needs, various dashboards, organizing favorites on the overview dashboard, and many other reporting and analysis tools. Calculate order profitability, Net sales, PnL, Calculate manufacturing overheads, office supplies, and payroll.

Planning and management of production
Effective textile production management and real-time production planning based on customer orders, actual data about equipment workload, resources availability, etc. Possibility to subcontract components and semi-finished products required for the order.
Adaptable to changeable processes
Tailored for the production of apparel, ERP solutions by 1Ci are flexible and quickly adaptable to changes in the production processes (like seasonal apparel collections) or when the business grows.
Purchasing materials and components
Purchase fabrics, threads, accessories, and everything required for production based on customer orders for make-to-order production and with the Demand Planning tool – for make-to-stock production. 
Order management
Create production orders based on sales orders, other and previous production orders. Track order statuses in real-time, estimate order profitability before production starts and manage manufacturing overheads.
Integration with equipment and MES
Integrate ERP with equipment like handheld terminals, manufacturing equipment such as RFID Equipment, End.4.0 robots, Conveyor systems, etc., or ProManage MES system.
E-commerce integration
Effective job shop-style production is impossible without effective order tracking and real-time control. The company needs to prioritize customers’ orders, manage the delivery terms and react to the changes in the orders fast.
International trade support
Support for multiple currencies, tracking all branches, warehouses, and business units in one system.

Underlying products and technologies

1Ci management solutions for textile industry are based on cutting-edge and customer-proven business automation software


Business software solution capable of automating the majority of operations in small and medium-sized companies' workflow including purchases and sales, manufacturing, production and more.


Corporate Performance Management system for consolidation of reporting, advanced budgeting, and financial performance management in holding companies.


Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.

Industry-focused ERP solutions

ERP solutions created specifically to meet each industry needs


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