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Automate all steps from getting an order to managing cash flows, all in one place.

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ERP Software for Service Industry

Changing to Succeed

Service and repair companies all over the world have similar issues when it comes to business process automation. The business needs service management software to handle sales, manage orders, engage their customer, and control the cash flow, which can be tricky.
Having a comprehensive solution that helps consolidate all the processes in one system, starting from the order and finishing with the cash process, is crucial for boosting the business' efficiency and revenues.   

Industry Challenges

In the service business, to stay on top of the competition, the company has to focus on improving each and every business process. The list of challenges to overcome includes:

Sales managementand orders tracking
Warehouse management and procurement planning
Project costing and ROI calculation
Field pre-repair diagnostics
Service quality control
Field employees management and workload control
Support for complex business processes and multiple types of businesses

By deploying ERP for service industries you will

Collect all critical business data in one place for better efficiency and automation of core workflows, including sending invoices and receiving payments, generating management reports, and eliminating manual labor.

ERP for service industries - Collect critical business data in one place

Be always on top of your inventory, know what you need to provide the service, and how long it will take.

ERP for service industries - Sending invoices and receiving payments

Earn more by automatically generating invoices and controlling payments for post-payment services due.

ERP for service industries - Managing multiple price lists

Reduce the number of mistakes made when managing multiple price lists and other data manually.

Improve processes and increase your company's value

ERP for service industries - Managing multiple price lists

Business processes automation

  • Automate your core business processes, including invoicing and order management
  • Get cost estimates of the project
  • Analyze your warehouse inventory to boost procurement
Customer management - 1Ci

Customer management

  • Analyze and access customer data, history of orders and service works
  • Create custom offers for your customers and stand out on the market
Invoicing and payments - 1Ci

Invoicing and payments

  • Set-up service for the cash process
  • Specify the payment terms, VAT rate, and set discounts
  • Issue sales and register tax invoices
Cost accounting and order tracking - 1Ci

Cost accounting and order tracking

  • Calculate and plan the cost of work for each order in real-time. Consider various options and factors
  • Track all current orders in real-time, provide customers with orders faster, and plan work efficiently
  • Track products in repair
Warehouse control - 1Ci

Warehouse control

  • Monitor the consumption of raw materials and spare parts for each order, matching the plan/fact data in real time
  • Control your stock balances, purchase spare parts and raw materials on time, track delivery and manage margins for each product in an individual format
Support your unique business processes - 1Ci


  • Support your unique business processes
  • Easily integrate the solution with the current infrastructure
  • Set up data exchange with multiple business apps to collect maximum insights into one system
  • Scale the solution with your business’ growth. Use only needed modules and add new ones when required
Service quality control - 1Ci

Service quality control

  • Manage, control, and analyze service delivery in a single system for the best customer experience on the market: from order to cash process
  • Forget Excel-fueled management
  • Track and plan field employees' workload
Access all business data in one system - 1Ci

Financial analysis

  • ROI tracking and calculation
  • Access all business data in one system
  • View history and plan operations for each customer

Who will benefit from using ERP for service company  management?

ERP for service company - IT Manager

IT Manager

Configure the service management software in accordance with your company' unique business processes, which are critical for service workflows.
ERP for service company - Business Owner

Business Owner

Get a transparent view of the work performance of every employee, and monitor margin structure by orders.
ERP for service company - Account Manager

Account Manager

Manage orders from pre-repair diagnostics up to cash flow using the single solution.

Business processes to automate

Built by 1Ci, the best ERP for service companies perfectly solves crucial problems such businesses face. The solutions can be used to automate multiple business processes, including:

Sales management – automatically build communications with customers, who will need preventive maintenance of sold goods.
Flexible pricing implementation – offer specific clients custom pricing and payment terms, and control the transactions.
Field pre-repair diagnostics – carry out the diagnostics, enter all the data on the go, check spare parts availability, and plan repair works.
Field employees workload control – plan and manage employee workload, track efficiency.
Project cost calculation – forget Excel and manual data management; see the projected cost of the sale in advance.
Track post-payment projects – automatically generate invoices for post-payment services, track invoices due, and send notifications.
Reporting – run reports and get valuable insights on any business process, all in one place.

The system is flexible and customizable, making it easy to embed to your current business processes and infrastructure. This reduces the friction and time needed to implement the solution and start reaping the benefits.

Become the industry leader with the flexible full-functional ERP for the service industry!

1Ci ERP software for Service Industry - All business processes in one system

How it works

Here is what ERP solutions for service and repair from 1Ci provide

End-to-end synchronization of orders
Service companies can receive multiple types of requests and orders depending on their industry and segment. These may include freight requests, installation requests, RMA requests, and orders. 1Ci ERP systems for the service industry makes it possible to automate all operations from creating an order to receiving money from a client. 
Service management
The solutions provide real-time visibility of the performance, and essential business metrics are crucial for boosting sales and revenue. Using the 1Ci ERP software, service and repair companies can manage their current services, rapidly change them, introduce new ones to stay competitive.
Project costing and ROI calculation
Service and repair management software built by 1Ci, allows to calculate the cost of repair and the service, analyze the availability of the necessary spare parts, the delivery time. All in one place.
Custom business processes support
The systems are tailored for repair services companies and can be customized following the unique processes used by a specific company. Moreover, they perfectly integrate with the current service company infrastructure.
Pricing and post-sale management
In the service and repair industries, companies often have custom prices and pricing terms for specific customers. Then the order volume is high, it becomes hard to track the necessary data without any automation. 1Ci business automation software helps to manage custom price lists in one place, and can be used to track payments, no matter upfront payment or post-payment is used for a specific customer.
Field service management
Companies often have to send their employees to take care of the customer's equipment in the service industry. Thus, field management is crucial here to deliver outstanding results and ensure cost-effectiveness. And if the service management software can't support field operation, this will make the solution practically useless. 1Ci ERP software allows working with the data on the field pre-repair diagnostics, manage employees, and their workload.

Underlying products and technologies

1Ci ERP solutions for service management are based on cutting-edge and customer-proven business automation software


Business software solution capable of automating the majority of operations in small and medium-sized companies' workflow including purchases and sales, manufacturing, production and more.


Innovative application for building corporate management systems based on the best global practices in automating large and medium-sized businesses.


Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.

Industry-focused ERP solutions

ERP solutions created specifically to meet each industry needs


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