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Discover 1Ci Educational Programs for Partners, Students, and Individual Professionals.

Partnering for Success, Educating for Excellence

1Ci Educational Programs are designed to provide developers, ERP professionals, software consultants and University students with a variety or required educational programs, empowering them to address today's business challenges​.
At 1Ci, we team up with our partners to learn and grow together. We provide education and support to make sure the projects go smoothly and we both succeed.

Programs for 1Ci Partners

Welcome to 1Ci educational journey designed specially for partners. Our comprehensive programs are carefully crafted to empower partners, equipping them with the essential skills and expertise required to overcome in demonstrating, managing and implementing 1Ci products effectively.

1Ci Onboarding Program and Educational Services - Overview, Part 1
1Ci Onboarding Program and Educational Services - Overview, Part 2

Self-learning ready to start courses

Explore our comprehensive courses designed to elevate your proficiency in the dynamic ecosystem of 1C:Enterprise development and ERP project essentials. At the moment the following courses are available.

1C:Enterprise Developer Course
Start your journey to refine your application development skills. Learn to create robust applications with enhanced functionality, ensuring unique flexibility to meet client needs efficiently.

This course consists of 3 levels:
- 1C:Enterprise Junior developer: Discover the concepts, principals and architecture of 1C:Enterprise platform
- 1C:Enterprise Senior developer: Immerse into the complex and important topics: accounting, payroll, access rights and more
- 1C:Enterprise Engineer: Deploy and maintain any 1C application at your client
1C:ERP Fundamentals
Dig into the fundamental aspects of 1C:ERP, gaining insights into its functional capabilities and mastering implementation techniques essential for successful project execution.

Key features:
- Begin your learning journey at your convenience, enjoying the freedom of self-learning with unlimited access.
- Engage with bite-sized videos, quizzes, and hands-on tasks that facilitate a deeper understanding of concepts.
- Seamlessly learn on-the-go, enabling continuous skill enhancement from any location.
- Validate your expertise with industry-recognized certifications, showcasing your proficiency in 1C:Enterprise and related business applications.

Programs for Students and Young Professionals

1C:Enterprise ERP Training

Tune in to the video to immerse yourself in the energy of our past student training in Istanbul and get the opportunity to be part of our upcoming wave.


Get inspired by the the vibes of our previous Training for students and don’t miss a chance become
a part of the next wave.