Comprehensive solution for financial performance management in holding companies

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Meeting quick closing deadlines
Speed up preparation of reports - сonsolidate and standardize analytics and financial data for the entire group of companies
Trustable error-free data
Make business decisions based on unified data from various financial and performance reporting systems
Making complex budgeting easy and smooth
Leverage fully-functional budgeting of operations and projects of the group with any complexity of the budgeting route
Auditability and consistency with IFRS
Consolidation statement according to IFRS: translate data from the local GAAP to IFRS charts of accounts.

World Сlass CPM Software for Holding Companies



10 000+


Level up your budgeting

The more your company grows, the more complex the budgeting process is. It can become a real challenge, demanding significant coordination and oversight. CPM solutions like 1C:Perform help enterprises and holding companies to effectively manage even the most complex budgeting processes. 

Keep a keen eye on corporate finances with EPM software

Consolidation of reporting

Powerful ERP for manufacturing enterprises
Reconciliation and elimination of intercompany transactions
Consolidation of reporting for holdings, with support for complex company structure
Elimination of debts and unrealized margins in the group's assets
Compliance of reporting with IFRS

Comprehensive budgeting system

Coordination of budgets of any complexity
Budget and variance analysis based on company's OPEX and CAPEX
Variety of calculation options, consolidation, distribution, rolling planning and extrapolation planning methods
Flexible and customizable list of required classifiers, dimensions, and indicators
Allocation of responsibilities between participants of the budgeting process

Business analysis and BSC

Balanced Scorecard concept for visual modeling of strategic goals
Company KPIs and dynamics monitoring, in-depth KPI analysis
What-if analysis, plan-fact analysis, ABC analysis, factor analysis, and intellectual data analysis for determining hidden patterns

Investment project management

Pre-investment appraisal: investment accounting, calculation of financial models, budgeting, permission management, and calculation of KPIs
Multi-criteria scoring of alternative projects, generation of an optimal portfolio
Planning and control of the project execution, revision of the investment program

Flexibility and integration of CPM software

Support for legal entities with any combination of systems and sources
Different consolidation principles: “flat” or multi-level subsequent consolidation
Master data management from various external sources: cleaning, harmonization, and elimination of duplication

Find exact description of the 1C:Perform capabilities in User’s Guide and Release notes.

1C:ERP - User’s guide

User’s Guide

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1C:ERP - Latest Releases

Latest Releases

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1C:ERP - Latest Releases

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1C:ERP - Enterprise performance monitoring and analysis

Affordable CPM / EPM solution for holding companies

Integration with various financial and performance reporting systems

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