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Distributors all over the world face a lot of problems every day. Companies struggle to build a reliable warehouse control process, manage complex goods, navigate through the cross-country operations. Having a solution that combines all business-critical data, planning, and reporting capabilities as well as a high level of adaptability is crucial for successful wholesale and distribution business management. Get rid of outdated management approaches, disparate applications, manual labor, and lack of control.

Industry Challenges

The wholesale and distribution industries face multiple challenges companies have to overcome to stay competitive and increase the overall efficiency of the business. This list includes:

Sales management
Warehouse and inventory management
Procurement planning
Complex products accounting
Automated product orders
Support for complex business processes and multiple types of businesses
To solve these tasks, business management software like ERP should be used. The 1Ci ERP solutions are designed to fit wholesale and distribution businesses' specifics and support unique processes present in this industry. As a result, companies are able to automate a broad range of their business processes, increase efficiency, and optimize costs for wholesale and distribution software itself.

By Deploying ERP for Wholesale and Distribution You Will

Get a complete understanding of your wholesale and distribution business by automating core processes and workflows, implementing comprehensive reporting, and collecting all critical data in one place.

Manage your inventory and plan demand by eliminating procurement and sales discrepancies.

Boost cross-border sales with the automated multi currency accounting, cost of goods sold analytics, international branches and warehouses reporting.

Reduce delivery times for the new orders using warehouse management capabilities.

Integrated ERP for business growth in wholesale and distribution

Business processes automation

  • Control your data with no double entry and other mistakes.
  • Easily access in-depth, customizable reports to analyze the whole business or its tiny part like one specific store in the chain.
  • Work with counterparties from different industries with no need to purchase additional modules and add-ons.


  • Provide your customers with automated discounts of multiple types (early birds, size-dependent discounts, transaction history-based, and lots more).
  • Raise your sales when the customer is ready to pay more for fulfilling their order urgently.
  • Encourage your customers to buy your goods and services.


  • Flexibly adapt to changing markets.
  • Align the software with your non-standard workflows to keep competitive.
  • The product evolves with the company's growth.

Warehouse and inventory

  • Plan your sales and stock balances with demand forecast functionality.
  • Fight procurement and sales discrepancies.
  • Access more than 100 preinstalled report points and add yours.

Planning and reporting

  • Access all business data in one system.
  • View history and plan operations for each customer.
  • Account different parameters for complex goods.

Cross-country operations

  • Eliminate mistakes in multicurrency operations and accounting.
  • Always correctly calculate price and cost of goods sold.

Optimized delivery

  • Integrate your ERP for wholesale distribution with the logistic providers' system for better automated delivery tracking.

Integrated ERP for Business Growth in Wholesale and Distribution?

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Who will benefit from using ERP for wholesale and distribution?

Business Owner

Make data-driven decisions for boosting orders, revenues and profits of the company.

Sales Manager

Analyze each customer's history and provide flexible automated discounts.

Warehouse Manager

Plan stock balances and upcoming shipments, manage complex goods, and track delivery.

Business Processes to Automate

Our full-cycle ERP systems perfectly suit for automation of the wholesale business. The solutions can be used to automate multiple business processes, including:

Sales and order management — control everything from sales to order fulfillment in a single ERP.
Mutual settlements with suppliers — track your and partner's liabilities, never miss a deadline for payment.
Warehouse control — automate your document flow, track assets, and inventory in real-time.
Cost accounting and margin control — calculate prices, prepare price lists, run comprehensive reports.

The 1Ci ERP solutions for wholesale and distribution help in optimizing business processes, improving efficiency at every step, and growing profits. Automation reduces manual labor, eliminates the risk of associated errors, and gives the management reliable data to act upon.

The system can also be adapted to your current business processes and integrated with an existing IT infrastructure and already working software. This makes the implementation of ERP more comfortable, with minimal friction.

Become the industry leader with the flexible full-functional ERP for the wholesale or distribution business!

How It Works

Here is how ERP solutions for wholesale and distribution provide

Effective wholesale and distribution management
Work with complex products
Customization for better business growth
Integrable ERP solution with the flexible data-exchange protocol for any solutions
More effective customer management
Boost of sales via flexible discounts and cross-border trade

With a 1Ci ERP solution for wholesale and distribution, companies can benefit from a broad set of standard functional options, including everything needed to manage sales, purchases, and warehouses.

Also, the system supports different types of business, which may be useful for holding firms running not only sales, but also services or assemblies or companies involved in the cross-border trade. Business processes of high complexity and flexible configuration can be set up in one system without buying additional modules and add-ons.

Another critical feature is the support of complex products. 1Ci inventory management software allows you to flexibly account all the characteristics and requirements: easily track parameters, generate product options, and manage sales of goods with multiple characteristics (size, color, etc.).

The ERP system can be set and configured quickly to support your business needs – using the standard tools that we offer. Start with functionality that you need right now and add functions on-the-fly, when together with the business growth. Track all branches, warehouses, and business units in one system.

Create a project-based connection between your counterparties and ERP solution to launch data exchange without losses.

With the 1Ci ERP solutions you can manage all customer-oriented processes from sales to order fulfillment in a single system. Forget about entering double data, incorrect discounted calculation, or data loss when transferring from one system to another.

Modern business management software should provide a high level of adaptability to the changing environment. Quickly respond to new developments in the market, your competitors' moves, by creating the best price for the market and business development. The 1Сi ERP system allows working with customers worldwide in multiple different currencies in different languages and taking into account local specifics (Polish, German, Turkish).

Underlying Products and Technologies

1Ci ERP solutions for wholesale and distribution are based on cutting-edge and customer-proven business automation software


Business software solution capable of automating the majority of operations in small and medium-sized companies' workflow including purchases and sales, manufacturing, production and more.


Innovative application for building corporate management systems based on the best global practices in automating large and medium-sized businesses.


Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.

Industry-focused ERP solutions

ERP solutions created specifically to meet each industry needs


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Customer Stories

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