1Ci Business Management Solutions

Digitizing businesses of any scale.

Add value to business processes management in companies of any size, industry, and corporate environment with the 1Ci solutions

Small business ERP - 1Ci Solutions

Small Business

Save time and resources by using small business solutions to automate all processes within your business.
ERP for medium sized business - 1Ci

Medium Business

Take your medium-sized business process automation to the next level staying on top of your company's performance.
ERP Solutions for large business


Streamline complex business processes with powerful and flexible solutions. 

1Ci ERP Solutions for Smart Manufacturing


Automate and optimize all stages of the production cycle, from Inventory Management to real-time Monitoring, Reporting, and Analytics.
1Ci ERP Solutions for Service Industry


Improve efficiency and profitability consolidating all the processes in a single system.
1Ci ERP Software for Wholesale and Distribution

Wholesale and Distribution

Manage inventory, plan demand, boost cross-border sales and reduce delivery times.
1Ci ERP Solutions for Smart Manufacturing


Streamline and control food & beverage production and distribution on every step of process.
1Ci ERP Solutions for Textile and Apparel

Textile and Apparel

Automate all critical steps of the textile manufacturing: Production, Finance, Inventory, Logistics and Sales.
1Ci ERP Solutions for Industrial Equipment and Machinery

Industrial machinery

Increase the efficiency of planning, production management, and profitability of each order.
Retail ERP -  1Ci Solutions


Integrate the whole range of company's processes into a unified digital system.
1Ci ERP Solutions for Logistics and  Transport


Feel the difference with transparent, streamlined delivery and supply business processes.