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1Ci ERP Solutions for Wholesale and Distribution

In the globalized world, transnational trade has become a common pathway for businesses to expand beyond the limitations of domestic markets and open up new revenue opportunities. This is why supply chains often entail both imports and exports. For example, in the textile industry, raw materials and accessories are in many cases imported from certain countries, while the output is exported to different countries. This makes the issue of efficiently managing transnational trade operations a crucial one.

Industry Challenges

Cross-border trade is always connected with a number of challenges, such as:

Order tracking on every step of materials and product delivery

Interacting with multiple legal entities

Calculation of variable tolls, taxes and fees

Multiple currencies

Customs clearance

Local specifics of different countries

Complex logistics processes

Price management

Employees speaking different languages

To solve these tasks, companies need to choose ERP software not only according to the company's industry-specific needs but also make sure that it can help address the import and export-related tasks.

By deploying ERP for Export and Import business, you will:

Get a complete ERP to support the operations of cross-border businesses of any kind

Accounting of all required processes in a single integrated system

Consolidate balances correctly with multi-currency invoices and custom exchange rates

A system perfectly tailored to the local specifics (customization & local versions)

A comprehensive ERP invigorating sustainable growth in cross-border trade companies

Order Tracking

  • Supply chain management software, full-cycle tracking from purchase order to shipping and delivery
  • Landed costs, including the cost of any additional customs broker's services. All extra expenses can be deemed as procurement costs for further accounting

Cross-Country Operations

  • Customs clearance support: customs fees and excises are accrued and import VAT is charged according to local legislation
  • Taxes can be paid either immediately after you pay input VAT according to the customs declaration or in the VAT return
  • A series of predefined commercial terms

Sales and Price Management

  • Prices in different currencies
  • Setting currency exchange rates
  • Managing discounts

Inventory and Warehousing

  • Managing inventory of products with a number of variants
  • Multiple warehouses management
  • Additional purchases of products

Customization and adaptation to local specifics

  • Local versions of 1Ci ERP solutions, compliance with the local legislation
  • Adaptable to any IT infrastructure and specific business processes
  • New e-doc types can be created as needed
  • Multiple interface languages and ability to switch UI language

Planning and reporting

  • Access all business data in one system
  • View history and plan operations in advance

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Who will benefit from using an ERP system for Import and Export Industry?

Business Owner

Get a full grasp on your company’s cross-border operations with detailed analytics and strategic planning.

Sales Manager

Make your work easier and optimize delivery times with automated discounts, flexible price calculation options and multi-currency accounting as well as convenient order tracking.

Project manager

Reduce delivery times for new orders, track order statuses in real time and implement quick changes when needed.

How It Works

1Ci ERP solutions are fine-tuned for import and export companies:

International order management
Get orders from customers all over the world, automatically create orders from the website purchases and easily track order statuses in real-time. Besides, you can manage all stages of crossborder logistics, such as warehouse, weight controls, shipping, security, online registration of logistics orders and so on.
Customs clearance
Depending on the local legislation, different customs declarations are used, and different customs fees and import VATs are charged. With 1Ci ERP solutions, you can add declarations to account for the expenses and import VAT. In declarations, you can include your goods into a number of commodity groups based on the first four digits of the goods' harmonized system code (HS code), the country of their origin and the VAT rate.
Lowering transaction costs
Efficient order management and accurate accounting ensured by implementing an ERP solution can help you lower total transaction costs. With 1Ci solutions, you can easily get the total balance for all customers' contracts in the local currency, which is quite convenient for the accounting and taxes purposes. Moreover, the company can issue invoices in any currency, pay received invoices in the currency other than that of the invoice and consolidate all balances correctly.
Managing prices in multiple currencies
One of the biggest challenges when doing business overseas is setting optimal prices for your products or services. Your pricing policy should also consider possible exchange rate fluctuations. 1Ci ERP solutions allow you to eliminate errors in multi-currency operations and accounting and enable accurate calculation of the prices and discounts.
Breaking language and cultural barriers
Considering language and cultural aspects is exceptionally important when running international business. 1Ci ERP solutions for import and export business enable each of your employees to work in a convenient language version within the same account. Besides, all local legislation requirements are taken into account during the ERP implementation. At the moment, 1C:Drive special versions for Turkey, Germany, Colombia and Poland are available.

Underlying Products and Technologies

1Ci ERP solutions for import and export are based on cutting-edge and customer-proven business automation software


Business software solution capable of automating the majority of operations in small and medium-sized companies' workflow including purchases and sales, manufacturing, production and more.


Corporate Performance Management system for consolidation of reporting, advanced budgeting, and financial performance management in holding companies.


Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.

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