Large manufacturer of footwear, Bris-Bosfor produces up to 20 million pairs of shoes of various functional purposes per year, which accounts for over 30% of the local market. Its field of activity covers production, warehousing and transport logistics.
Best retail ERP system - Challenges


Scale business, enter new markets and increase profitability

Company's owners set a number of strategic goals such as opening 300 retail stores across the country, entering new markets, complete reorganization of the company, and profitability increase. In order to achieve these goals, they decided to implement a modern information system that allowed the company to get results within the lifetime of one project.

As a result, they had chosen solutions based on 1C:Enterprise platform. Based on the results of the market analysis, a contest was conducted to assess the competencies of various 1С partners and franchisee. The contest winner was a 1C partner since 2003 - WiseAdvice, certified according to the standards of the quality management system ISO 9001:2008. 

Best retail ERP system - Results


Fully integrated processes to boost profitability

As a result, WiseAdvice specialists created a full-fledged working environment that united all of the company departments. The architecture of the solution covered the integration of all processes and information resources on the basis of 1C:ERP, 1C:Document Management 8 CORP, 1C:Enterprise Accounting 8 CORP, and WMS Logistic Vision Suite.

A single solution was developed that combined production, cost management, product costing, warehousing and purchasing, customer relationships and sales, budgeting, treasury, payroll, personnel and motivation management, regulatory accounting, NSI system, document workflow, and project management.

With the use of the SCRUM framework, only a month after the start of the project, the integrator managed to get a prototype of the system ready for operation during the first stage of the implementation. As a result, the company not only received a modern and powerful tool for enterprise management and accounting, but also carried out a soft reorganization of business processes, together with WiseAdvice specialists, and increased profitability of the company. 

Key project objectives

Reduction of the order execution time by 33%

Reduction in stocks by 25%

10% decrease  of material resources costs

Increase in output by 15%

Inventory turnover increase by 20%

Growth of the company profit by 15%

New Line LG

Reduction of administrative expenses by 20%

Reduction of production costs by 5%

Reduction of operating costs by 10%

Reduction of labor costs in divisions by 30%

Acceleration  of management reporting by 3 times

Acceleration  of regulated reporting by 5 times

Automation of logistics

Integration with Logistic Vision Suite is one of the important parts of the system implemented worth to mention. Logistic Vision Suite is a WMS system for international logistics designed to automate the logistics processes of large corporations operating in various segments.

WiseAdvice specialists developed a system for the integration of two-way automatic data exchange between addressable warehouses in 1C:ERP and WMS Logistic Vision Suite, which allowed the company to manage warehouses in real-time mode. 


Information on this page is from the 1C implementation base.

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