Foreign branches automation and data exchange for better management using 1C:Drive.
Cosmetics ERP - Challenges


Single entry point for corporate data for customer service, financial accounting, and supply chain management

SPLAT group is the leading European manufacturer of toothpaste, other oral hygiene products, cosmetics, and household chemistry. The company has over 2000 employees, offices throughout Europe and Asia-Pacific and occupies about 18% of the market.

At SPLAT, the management team faced a problem of collecting and managing business-critical data across all company's offices in multiple countries. Business processes in each country were different, poorly automated, which led to data discrepancies, the high volume of manual labor, errors, lack of transparency.

The project's main goal was the development of an IT system that will solve the following tasks:

Shift inefficient and dispersed business processes to a unified flow implemented in the headquarters
Integrate these new business processes with the IT systems implemented in the main office
Fully automate all functional and organizational perimeter of the companies within the Splat group
Make the business processes transparent and manageable
Fuel the creation of the consolidated service center covering the entire Europe and the Asia-Pacific region
Allow implementing an internal control system for the entire group, including financial management and cost control tools

During the implementation, the following business processes were automated:

Sales Planning

Sales Management


Warehouse Management


Receivables Management

Financial Reporting

Expense Requests Control System

The accounting system for the SPLAT group's international branches was designed on the basis of the 1C:Drive configuration. The implementation project was divided into 4 stages.

The first one included the collection of business requirements and specifications design for each functional block. Next, the business processes modeling was conducted to design the specifications of the technical requirements. The third stage was dedicated to the system's development and testing. The final phase included employee training and running a pilot project with real business data involved. The overall project length was 9 months, 30 seats automated.

Customer success

"In just less than a year, we were able to create a consolidated service center covering the entire Europe and Asia Pacific regions, introduce financial control solution, and build unified business processes across branches both for the home region of CIS, Europe, and Asia-Pacific."

– Natalya Zueva,

Head of Department of Development and Implementation of Business Applications,

Cosmetics ERP - Results


The implementation project allowed the company to get the following results:

Labor costs in foreign branches reduced by 20%
The management reporting became faster for 50%
Inventory turnover increased by 15%
Order processing speed increased by 35%
Reduction of time for order execution and service provision amounted to 30%
Accounts receivable reduced by 10%
Profit growth for 20%
Acceleration of regulated reporting of 25%

The project was performed by a joint team of 1C Germany and 1C-Rarus International.

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