Istanbul, Turkiye (November 2nd, 2023)

The ongoing global economic fluctuations have forced the business world to look for solutions. According to data released by Gartner, one in four organisations will adopt a digital transformation model by 2026. Software developer 1Ci, which provides commercial digitalisation solutions to more than 1 million companies worldwide, announced that it will provide Turkish companies with a competitive edge by launching the Turkish version of its flexible and scalable ERP solution.

Companies diversifying their investments to create a more robust and reliable structure are investing in technology and digital transformation to speed up business processes, manage their resources correctly and increase traceability. 1Ci announced on 2 November, at the Partner Day event, that it had launched the Turkish version of its powerful production automation tool – 1C:ERP. The company will enable Turkish companies to grow, survive in a highly competitive environment and meet the challenges of the digital age thanks to its all-in-one solution that decouples budgeting and planning modules.

One in four organisations will undertake digital transformation

According to Gartner, 75% of organisations will adopt a cloud-based digital transformation model by 2026. 1Ci Country Manager in Turkiye, Mart One, who said that ERP stands out as an important solution in commercial digitalisation, spoke about the ERP solutions they offer.

We increase the production volume of companies by 39%, efficiency by 35%, order tracking speed by 85%

1Ci Country Manager in Turkiye, Mert Onay, said: "At the beginning of utilising the benefits of 1C:ERP Turkish Edition, the user has the potential to strengthen the business". We trigger growth and competitiveness by integrating all workflows into a single ERP system. To help companies overcome modern business challenges, we apply unified standards to minimise human error. We provide control tools for the visibility of business processes. We also provide data-driven decision-making with intuitive control panels. We simplify operations without changing the fundamental business processes. With our ERP system, we automate the entire process from product introduction to delivery to companies, making it easier to monitor and manage, while adding value. For example, the production volume of a company using
1C:ERP increases by 39%, while the process of tracking customer orders is accelerated by 85%. Employee productivity increases by 35%."

We will pave the way for Turkish companies to lead the industry

Emphasising that it supports processes such as sales, operations, production and customer relationships, Mert Onay said: "We can quickly apply our ERP solution to business processes. We enable access via mobile devices with cloud or on-premises ERP deployment. As 1Ci, which connects companies from different sectors around the world to increase their business and revenue, effectively meets their needs, we will enable Turkish companies to grow faster, become market leaders and overcome the challenges of digitalisation with our 1C:ERP Turkish version. We will pave the way for them to shape their future," he said.

About 1Ci

1Ci is Turkiye's leading software solution provider. Founded in 2017, the company operates with the mission of providing the technological infrastructure that businesses need in their digital transformation processes. The aim of 1Ci is to help businesses gain competitive advantage by increasing their productivity.