Istanbul, Turkiye (July 13, 2023)

New Era in Digital Transformation: 1C:Perform Brings a New Breath to Businesses in Turkiye

With the rapid progress of the digital age, it has become inevitable for businesses to digitalize and optimize their business processes in order to gain a competitive advantage. At this point, 1Ci (1C International), one of the leading software developers in the world, brings a new breath to businesses by offering a fully localized 1C:Perform solution for the Turkish market. With its flexible and scalable structure, 1C:Perform guides businesses in their digital transformation journeys with advanced technology.

Revolutionary New Application in Financial Management Is in the Turkish Market.

The main advantages of the 1C:Perform solution include

Full Localization
1C:Perform is fully localized, taking into account the specific needs of businesses in the Turkish market. This enables companies to manage their business processes in accordance with local regulations.
Flexible and Scalable
1C:Perform offers flexibility and scalability to suit the needs of companies from different industries. Businesses can customize and expand the solution according to their size and needs.
Low-code Platform
1C:Perform is an application based on the 1C:Enterprise platform, which is the core technology of 1C. This platform enables the rapid creation of complex business automation applications and provides companies with greater convenience in their development activities. 1C:Perform offers a user-friendly low-code approach using the powerful features of the 1C:Enterprise platform. In this way, businesses need to generate less code in their software development and can create customized applications faster. The strong technological infrastructure and powerful tools provided by the platform makes 1C:Perform an efficient low-code solution.
Customer Successes
1C:Perform has many successful reference customers in Turkiye. By using the solution, these customers have improved their business processes, increased their productivity and gained competitive advantage.
With 1C:Perform available in the Turkish market, local businesses can find a reliable partner in their digital transformation journey and achieve greater efficiency, control and competitive advantage in their business processes.

About 1Ci

1Ci is Turkiye's leading software solution provider. Founded in 2017, the company operates with the mission of providing the technological infrastructure that businesses need in their digital transformation processes. The aim of 1Ci is to help businesses gain competitive advantage by increasing their productivity.