The Company Bets on the Investment Climate and Development of the National Market

With more than 30 years of work of 1C company on the global market, 1Ci (1C International) facilitates its growth in Latin America by establishing Colombia and Mexico regions as the key markets.

1Ci offers the Colombian business community a robust and complete ERP software solution for management of production, sales and service processes, initially targeted on growing companies.

With its integrated processes adapted to the best business practices, high security standards and comprehensive functionality, 1Ci provides powerful technological support for purchasing, warehouse and inventory management, accounting, production, sales payroll automation.

As an immediate objective, the company intends to establish its presence in the majority of cities and regions of the country — particularly by inviting local entrepreneurs and technological companies to join the 1Ci partner ecosystem. As a software provider, 1Ci already launched direct operations in Bogotá and Barranquilla. Additionally, through strategic partners, the company establishes presence in Medellín and other regions. 

Colombia is the main entry point to the Latin American market within 1Ci's expansion plans. For the company, it is a central, technologically and commercially developed country. Certainly an important IT hub in South America that has a perfect location and international recognition in terms of the commercial, industrial and agricultural aspects, a perfect setting to find new business partners, as well as a very dynamic economic society with many potential clients.

At first, the company seeks to increase the presence and awareness in Colombia for its solutions for growing companies, through the partner network. Also, it provides the development platform (1C:Enterprise) so that software companies and business groups with technical teams could build robust and flexible solutions of their own in a very short time.

Then, in the short and medium term, the 1Ci team intends to localize a line of its key products with a global reach, such as a solution for the production management in large enterprises; a solution for planning, consolidation and analysis and other tools for management and automation of business processes.

Among its employees and partners worldwide, the company has people of different origins and nationalities: Colombians, Ecuadorians, Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Turks, Moroccans, Indonesians, and more.

The 1Ci team considers it extremely important to be open to the customs and mentalities of different countries in order to do business there. Only through understanding of the particularities of each region it is possible to offer a value proposition and develop a viable business. Right now the company has local managers for each region of the world and always seeks to speak the same language with partners and customers.