1Ci in Latin America

In an increasingly connected world, 1C International, a leading multinational manufacturer of ERP software solutions in Eastern Europe, is strengthening its expansion and strategic focus in Latin America by 2024. With disruptive, flexible and innovative business technologies, 1Ci is developing a global operation that is segmented and localised by region to meet the specific needs of Asia, Europe, and with special focus on Latin America.

With a strong presence in Turkiye, Indonesia, Colombia and Mexico, through business partners, the company provides open source solutions, with a robust development platform that extends facilities and flexibility to adapt to the peculiarities of each region and offer customized solutions that boost efficiency and productivity in various sectors.

Our main product for the Colombian market is 1C:Drive, a comprehensive ERP solution a comprehensive ERP solution aimed at the small and medium-sized business sector. Companies that are experiencing rapid growth are facing difficulties in management and organization of processes, but do not yet have structure or budget to acquire expensive, well-known solutions for large companies.

1C:Drive is a global product that adapts to different geographies as it is being developed as a globally suitable product, at the same time we provide localized versions for focus markets, e.g. Columbia. This allows to cover more functionality for both global practices and Colombian requirements. The solution is constantly evolving, constantly improving different aspects and functionalities, including budgets, detailed operational and financial reports, project profitability analysis, retention certificates, electronic invoicing, barcode management, exchange rates and multi-currency operation, among others.

Our efforts will be focused on participation in regional events in Colombia and Mexico this year

Expecting the growth of Latin American industries, 1Ci is focusing its efforts on the key markets of Colombia, Mexico and Chile with its flagship product 1C:Drive - a comprehensive ERP system designed specifically for growing businesses and also the base platform of its 1C:Enterprise solutions, which offers capabilities and flexibility to expand, customise and integrate that other ERP solutions do not.

The company's operations include enablement and successful collaboration with key partners and certified consultants, such as Axial ERP Soluciones, Q.P. Consultores en Business Intelligence and Managinf, among others, who are executing successful projects in the textile, food and machinery industries in the region. 

Looking ahead to 2024, 1Ci encourages Latin American entrepreneurs to invest in process automation projects. Innovation and adaptability are crucial in an ever-changing business environment. 1C International offers reliable tools, such as the ERP system for medium-sized companies - 1C:Drive, powerful solution designed for large manufacturers - 1C:ERP, tool for planning, consolidation and analytics of business groups - 1C:Perform and solution for document management - 1C:DMS.