Advertising management

Software system for outdoor and indoor media business.

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Software system for outdoor and indoor media business


Private Cloud

Private Cloud



Advertising management - 200+ implementations

Over 200+ implementations of different versions of the software.

Advertising management - Software interfaces

Software has interfaces in Russian, English, French and German languages.

Advertising management - All-round assistance

All-round assistance and support to our partners both in sales and software maintenance.


Suitability for all types of ad spaces and structures
Convenient media-planning tool
Data exchange with websites, Google Maps and mobile apps
Full control over installation works and photo reports
Automatic invoicing, billing and creation of contracts and other documents
Software can be customized according to your needs


Advertising management - Media planning features

Media planning features

  • Swift creation of quotations 
  • Automatic booking of quoted ad spaces 
  • Batch processing of placements
Advertising management - CRM


  • Record of relationships with clients 
  • Planning out time 
  • Build-in email client
Advertising management - Google Maps integration

Google Maps integration

  • Display advertising campaigns on Google Maps 
  • Cloud service for interactive communication between sales managers and advertisers based on Google Maps
Advertising management - Installation and maintenance

Installation and maintenance

  • Work requests and analysis of their completion 
  • Calendar plan prior to installation works and photo reports 
  • Storing photo reports 
Advertising management - Оnline store of advertising spaces

Оnline store of advertising spaces

  • Personalized website for out-of-home advertising agencies 
  • Data about ad spaces, prices and photos are uploaded from the software to a website 
  • Orders placed by advertisers on the website are uploaded to the software
Advertising management - Mobile app

Mobile app

  • Mobile Android application for work teams that install advertisements
  • Data about scheduled installation projects is uploaded to the application from the software 
  • Information about completion of works and photo reports is uploaded from the app to the software 

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