Transport management system for automating processes in overland, multimodal and logistics projects.

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Industry know-how

Vast experience in transportation and logistics since 1996 to provide expert consulting and training.

Optimal cost-performance ratio

Integrated solution that eliminates the need for using separate software modules from different providers.

Flexible, customizable solution

Can be quickly adjust to the existing workflows and easy to learn.


Digitizes all logistics processes
Boosts efficiency of daily business tasks
Brings transparency to order processing
Provides reliable data for strategic business decisions
Helps to react faster to customer requests, simplify scheduling and avoid empty runs
Reveals more opportunities for company growth by saving time and costs
Raises customer satisfaction with better traceability of shipments


Financial accounting and controlling

  • Booking of incoming and outgoing payments and invoices 
  • Reports, statistics and evaluation
  • Real-time update of financial status and profit 

Extended customer relationship management

  • Storing leads, customers, providers, subcontractors, orders and campaigns  
  • Recording of all transactions and communications 
  • Organization of marketing campaigns 
  • Integration into third-party transport and accounting software 
  • Dashboard with your business trends on the move

Document management system and compliant archiving

  • All documents are available just in time, no need for searching
  • Digital storage for customer complaints 
  • Integration with existing payroll, warehouse, container yard, garage, fleet or transport management system

Quoting and order management

  • Calculations 
  • Entering and storing orders 
  • Disposal of orders 
  • Order-related email exchange and phone calls 

Graphic scheduling for transportation projects

  • Scheduling and organizing of transport 
  • Subcontractor management 
  • Special transport and trade fair transport management

Interfaces for external systems

  • Development of customized solutions by special requests 
  • Integration with logistics platforms and external systems of shippers and service providers

Fleet management

  • Calculations 
  • Entering and storing orders 
  • Disposal of orders 
  • Order-related email exchange and phone calls

Warehouse management

  • Article management and traceability per item, per batch or serial number 
  • Data exchange between customers and partners 
  • Barcode processing for digital inventory 
  • Invoicing of warehouse services and storage fees 
  • Interfaces for Addison, DATEV, Diamant, Navision, Sage, SAP, Varial and others

Business telephony

  • Сan be smoothly integrated into the existing system 
  • Displays business transaction during the call 
  • Simultaneous use in several locations 
  • Supports B2B network from your CRM

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