1Ci ERP Solutions for Construction & Development

Construction in Digital Age.

Changing to Succeed

Construction and design of buildings is a rapidly developing industry. The trend shows that it is dynamically changing nowadays, becomes more sophisticated and complex. As a result, industry players require high-level ERP software solutions to provide high-quality construction and development.

Why you need 1Ci Solutions for Construction & Development

With 1Ci ERP solutions for construction and development industry, you can streamline efficiently all business operations, starting from resource planning and inventory management to real-time monitoring and quality control.

Do you want a powerful and flexible cost calculation tool?

Do you wish to increase the transparency of operations?

Would you like to implement project management for each building object?

By deploying 1Ci Construction and Development you will

Optimize planning and procurement to save money and resources.

Get transparency of costs and more ways of cost optimization.

Easily comply with international standards and government requirements.

Make better business decisions with strong analytic reports and dashboards.

Improve communication processes with your customers and partners.

Ensure seamless management of complex projects.

Underlying technologies

1Ci ERP сonstruction and development solutions are based on highly flexible, time- and customer-proven
business digitization software


Innovative application for building corporate management systems based on the best global practices in automating large and medium-sized businesses.

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Highly adaptive and configurable development platform for streamlining corporate processes such as financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management, corporate services and more.

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