Automating operational processes and data retrieval using 1C:Drive for a honey production company.
Business Processes in ERP - Challenges


Mr.PolBee Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company offering high-quality natural honey from the ecological regions of Ukraine and EU countries. It deals with honey packaging from partner apiaries and sells it wholesale and retail.

One of the key issues concerning partner apiaries was scarce process automation. Most field operations still involved manual labor, which resulted in time losses. Besides, there was a problem with data collection and retrieval, leading to poor operational control and lack of transparency.

To improve the overall efficiency and save time and money, the company’s management decided to focus on two main tasks:

Automating key business processes using ERP, beekeeping software, and hive management software;
Ensuring prompt data collection and retrieval.

During the implementation, the following business processes were automated:


Sales management


Procurement management


Warehouse management


Receivables management

Business Processes in ERP - Results


In the implementation phase, 25 sites were automated using the production management software. As a result, all operational processes have become more transparent and better administered. Improved data management has made the managing bees' honey production process more flexible in the changing circumstances and increased overall efficiency.

20% reduction in labor costs 
25% growth of inventory turnover
50% faster order processing
30% faster order fulfillment
20% income growth


“The process of hive maintenance was not automated, and beekeepers had to spend extra time in the apiary. To improve the work of the apiary, the main thing we had to do is streamline data management and processes automation. This helped us save time and improve performance. Another important aspect is compliance with the rules and regulations for keeping bees. The 1C:Drive software allows you to create special reports for the appropriate supervisory authorities, which is extremely helpful.”

Adnrzej Rozik, 

Production Director, Mr.PolBee Sp z o.o.

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