RSM Agrartechnik GmbH

Automating records management and reporting using 1C:Drive ERP software for an agricultural machinery manufacturer.
ERP for agriculture - Challenges


Rostselmash (RSM Agrartechnik GmbH) is a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural machinery, including grain and forage harvesters, tractors, sprayers, forage equipment, grain processing equipment, etc. The company also provides pre-sale preparations and equipment maintenance via an extensive dealer network in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Among the challenges the company had faced were poor records management and the need to outsource tax documentation processing, which made up a substantial expense line. Besides, lack of proper automation resulted in long order fulfillment times leading to customer dissatisfaction. The software solution used for managing records prior to 1C:Drive implementation failed to meet the company’s needs.

The main goals of adopting a new solution were: 

Cut costs by optimizing documentation processing
Decrease order fulfillment times
Improve customer service

During the implementation, the following business processes were automated:


Sales management 


Warranty service



ERP for agriculture - Results


The implementation phase lasted for one year. 10 seats were automated. As a result, with 1C:Drive software, machinery management and data management has become more efficient and transparent, helping increase the overall productivity and improve customer experience. The new solution positively affected many processes, including procurement, customs operations, sales, warehouse management, maintenance, and warranty service.

2-3 times more orders handled per manager 
A more positive brand perception by customers
20% labor savings in different departments

The project was performed by a joint team of 1C Germany and 1C-Rarus International.


"I think the most important thing we’ve achieved is a more professional attitude toward our business operations, which is also clearly perceived from a customer’s perspective. Our managers and employees now have 24/7 access to records and can handle customer requests more quickly and effectively. Another achievement is reducing the need for the expensive tax consultant who deals with our tax documentation. On average, we used to spend significant budget per month on his services and now expect to pay much less thanks to the new automation solution."

Mariia Ignat, 

COO, RSM Agrartechnik GmbH

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