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Automating the entire procurement, production and distribution cycle using 1C:ERP. 


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Siemens Energy is a global leader in energy technology, with a mission to aid companies and nations in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while ensuring energy remains reliable, affordable, and sustainable. With operations in 90 countries, they offer solutions ranging from conventional to renewable power, grid technology, storage, and the electrification of complex industrial processes.

Boasting a diverse team of 94,000, Siemens Energy leverages its over 150 years of experience in pioneering electrification solutions to address the challenges of the energy transition, striving to collaboratively innovate sustainable energy solutions alongside their partners.


In early 2022, the vendor company specializing in comprehensive enterprise automation and management announced its exit from the market. As a result, Siemens Energy was forced to transition its business processes for data analysis and business management strategy development in Uzbekistan to another software solution.

Our main tasks were as follows:

Transfer and preserve historical business processes in the new system
Ensure transparency of the reference data structure for the end user
Set up data exchange with the separate subdivision in Uzbekistan
Transition from the no longer available ERP system to 1C:ERP, ensuring business continuity during the transition
Move the approval process for vacations, business trips, administrative and representative expenses to the new accounting system


Flexible and powerful ERP solution for enterprises integrating all of the core and supporting workflows in a single system. 1C:ERP provides advanced production and warehouse management and can be implemented in companies of various industries, e.g. equipment and metal goods production, industrial machinery, food, textile production, and many more.

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What was done

The complete migration of processes from the previous ERP system to 1C:ERP was performed.
Developed an interface for accounting of working time by productive hours.
Finalized internal documents, added the possibility of editing, so that the agreed documents are immediately transferred to 1C:ERP.
We also made integrations with related systems ("1C:Salary and Personnel Management", "1C:Document Management", "1C:Accounting for Uzbekistan"). These resulted in the automation of the entire workflow for the Uzbekistan branch, making a crucial step in enhancing operational efficiency.
Devised a work table for creating and deleting requests for reserves.
Developed the "Incoming/Outgoing primary documents" business processes.


During the implementation, the following business processes were automated:

Sales management

Warehouse management

Production management

Procurement management

Regulated accounting

Treasury/advance reporting


The new system was put into commercial operation within a tight timeframe.
Labor costs in subdivisions decreased by 20%.
A 15% increase in reporting speed.
Operating and administrative costs decreased by 10%.
The client rated the implementation satisfaction rate 10/10.

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