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Automating financial accounting, financial planning, budget management and reporting using 1C:Perform.


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Akkuyu Nükleer is a joint-stock Russian-Turkish enterprise established in 2010 as an operating company for the construction of Turkey’s first large nuclear power plant. The NPP will have a total capacity of 4800 MW and is being built on the southern coast of Turkey in Mersin province.

Besides, the Akkuyu NPP construction project is the world's first NPP project implemented according to the BOO model (Build—Own—Operate). The long-term contract states that the enterprise is to provide the power plant's design, construction, maintenance, operation and decommissioning.


Previously, the company used a technologically outdated information system that did not fully take into account the local legislation requirements. Support of the existing system was limited due to the complex structure and inconsistent changes in the system.

Moreover, the data for the reports was collected manually, which had a negative impact both on the speed of reporting and its quality. There were also problems of fragmentation of accounting data, lack of unification in the costs accounting, and lack of financial control over the data provided.

The main objectives of the implementation of 1C:Perform were:

Ensuring prompt delivery of analytical reports
Automation of complex and repetitive operations and business processes
Integration with third-party industry products
Ensuring full compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Turkey



1С-Rarus is a joint venture of 1C and Rarus founded in 1994. For more than 28 years of its presence on the market, over 150,000 companies in Russia and the CIS countries as well as business units of the largest global companies have become customers of 1C-Rarus. 1C-Rarus specialists have developed over 90 standard solutions for 17 business areas.
1C-Rarus is a lead partner of the 1C company, a certified partner Google, a gold certified partner of Beeline and 1C-Bitrix, and an associate member of nonprofit partnership of software vendors.
The 1C-Rarus management system has been complying with the international quality standard ISO 9001:2015.
- Operates in 5 countries
- Automates companies of any size
- The company employs 2700 professionals



Comprehensive solution for financial performance management in holding companies. 1С:Perform CPM (Corporate Performance Management) solution provides tools for financial reporting, data consolidation, and advanced budgeting, and can be integrated with almost any DBMS or other IT system.

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What was done

Improved control over the maintenance of Regulatory reference information (counterparties, contracts, bank accounts) on Russian and Turkish requirements.
Adaptation of the standard functionality according to the customer's requirements.
Automation of treasury processes and work with Turkish banks.
Optimization of accounting of travel requests and advance reports.
Unified support of IT solutions based on the single 1C:Enterprise platform.
Collection and analysis of customer requirements for the automated system.
Creation of interfaces and sets of user rights in Turkish and Russian.
Developing the mechanisms for integration with other systems and software used by the company (payroll systems, enterprise accounting).
Automated accounting of Capex contracts, schedules for charges and payments.
Training 2000 employees to use the system.


During the implementation, the following business processes were automated:

Financial management (treasury)

Data consolidation

Budgeting, financial planning

Customer success

“The use of new digital resources allowed us to analyze and optimize existing processes and to prepare for the further development of IT infrastructure on the basis of the 1C:Enterprise platform.”

Alexander Kravchenko

Head of Methodology and Business Process Optimization


A total of 2000 workplaces were automated.
Reduced number of manual operations.
Faster times for checking payment orders and creating payment registers through the use of a payment calendar.
Increased processing speed and accuracy of payment documents with less effort.
Databases of statistical detailed information on contractual activities were created.
Analytical reporting made quicker and more convenient.
Operations brought in line with the Turkish legislation.

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