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General dashboard for scale business

One of the key business objectives of the project was to provide all financial centers of the company with unified tools to analyze expenses and differences between actual and planned costs. Those included standardized budget items, analytic reports, and typical ways of sharing costs between projects (business activities).
erp challenges

Unified budgeting for all participants

Assino successfully adapted 1C:ERP to the internal processes of BIOCAD, which made budgeting work more effective at all stages, including the following specific results:
erp implementation
Creation of a unified set of budget forms for all financial centers of the company
The ability to extract information directly from the system while approving the budget with CEO
Centralized collection and storage of information on actual costs without the need for additional manual work
Generation of plan/actual reports in the unified form
Automation of production accounting, warehouse inventory accounting and other types of accounting relevant for pharmaceutical manufacturing

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Unification and standardization of business processes by creating a single centralized management system based on 1C:Enterprise and 1C:ERP.


Automation of logistics, manufacturing processes, sales, compliance and reporting.

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