Seçil Store

Combining offline and online operations and real-time production control using the 1C:Enterprise-based solution.


Real-time management, sales, and shipping control for a company with 300 sales points and 49 stores.

Seçil Store, a Turkish textile and apparel production and sales company. A leading textile and apparel manufacturer in Turkey.

Seçil Store incorporates five different brands, started production in 1981 with only nine employees. Today, with more than five hundred staff, the company has reached an annual production of more than 500 thousand items, 300 sales points, 49 stores, and launched an online store.

The management team at Seçil Store faced a problem of different software that was used by various departments within the company. This made it harder to adapt business processes and align them with the growth pace the company has achieved.

Streamlining and optimization of the management control was impossible without moving all departments to a single business automation solution.

The main challenges were:

Gather all departments under a single roof and make them use a unified software solution
Align business processes with a growing volume of e-commerce operations
Implement the management and warehouse control
Integrate the solution with shipment companies so that online orders could be delivered within 24 hours
Reduce the manual work associated with data and order management


During the project life cycle, the system accumulated data and provided control for all sales points, offline stores, e-commerce websites, and integrations with counterparties. Also, the company received an integrated end-to-end system, which includes internal manufacturing and also contractor manufacturing features.

Implementation of the new business automation solution allowed Seçil Store to implement the double-sided data streams in its online sales channels, set up integrations with the cargo companies for faster delivery, save time and manpower, and boost sales and customer satisfaction.

Customer success

"The textile, an apparel production industry in Turkey, is highly competitive. Coordinating quality with technology enables us to maintain leadership, and create designs that will satisfy our customers. 1C:Enterprise platform allowed us to solve these tasks, follow the latest trends, and produce clothes that our customers will find both comfortable and stylish."

– Göksel Aslan,

CIO, Seçil Store

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