One of the TOP-3 biggest distributors of toys in Russia and one of the European leaders in production of clothes for kids and teens.
ERP financial - Challenges


Speed up the processes & increase their transparency

Before implementation, the process of creating financial reports in the company took about a month, with all necessary data merged from 32 different systems. The collected data required additional manual work and time resources for sorting and verification. Therefore, the key challenges and goals included:
1) Creation of a unified business management system covering all regional branches.
2) Increase in transparency and speed of processing analytics data.
3) Improvement of staff productivity.

ERP financial - Results


Unified business management system to boost productivity

As a result of integration of 1C:Enterprise, all of the goals were achieved, the project paid off in 6 months of the trial operation, plus the company gained a few additional bonuses:

Productivity of staff in various departments increased from 300% to 2400%.
Speed of financial reports preparation increased by 200%
Unified electronic document system was implemented. It eliminated the risks of signing documents without proper approval or losing them in the process. The speed of approval was also increased
Development of customized reservation system for business needs that automatically takes into account the dynamics of sales to counterparties. Expected turnover growth (the toys department) is at least 10%
Enhanced information security thanks to the implemented tools for step-by-step tracking of all changes made by users in the system (change log)
Centralized management of regulatory information in the ERP-system
Increased efficiency of accounts receivable management due to the online availability of information on clearing payments, as well as the addition of specialized reports for business needs
Complete automation of the treasury (including the automated creation of currency payments in the client bank) which allows online information to be received both on expected and actual cash flows
Possibility to manage marketing campaigns without involvement of IT specialists - including sales to a specific client, seasonal discounts and special offers in one order or for a certain period
New tools to provide flexible pricing and timely response to market needs. For example, the possibility to assign different prices for goods within one day ("cheaper in the morning"), regulate the minimum (threshold) price and assign individual discount thresholds for customers
Possibility to work from any place in the world
A total of 650 jobs were automated including financial services, logistics, sales, procurement, marketing, HR, etc.

Information on this page is from the 1C implementation base.

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