Hampton Spa

Transparent and accountable customer management and automation using 1C:Drive.
Beauty soft ERP - Challenges


Customer management, marketing support, process automation

Hampton Spa is an established beauty and Spa service provider, located in New York. The company serves hundreds of customers and offers a wide range of beauty services.

The main hallmark of the company is the luxury level of services, the use of top-notch techniques and the latest beauty industry achievements.

The management team of Hampton Spa faced the task of streamlining and optimizing the customer journey from the first contact until the post-sale support. To solve this task, the company needed a comprehensive and feature-rich CRM system as well as appointment and customer management solution.

The main objectives were:

Set up an accounting of received applications from potential customers
Get an opportunity of fast and simple creation of new customer profiles containing all the information needed to service them and engage in marketing activities
Develop a loyalty and post-sale engagement system that will be able to send promotions and congratulations on personal and public holidays
Control inventory, so that the beauty and spa salon never run out of the materials and supplies
Optimize the payroll

As a fast-growing business in the luxury beauty services segment, Hampton Spaneeded a solution to optimize its lead management, marketing, and loyalty-growth activities. Another significant subset of tasks included business processes automation to reduce the workload.

Various business automation systems were assessed during the preparation for the project. Finally, the customized version 1C:Drive system was chosen. The final solution is developed by "Slava KVC/1C-Sapa,"the US-based partner of 1Ci, which also developed extensions for 1C:Drive.

The main reasons for choosing 1C:Drive were functionality, customization opportunities, cost-benefit ratio. The new business automation system has enabled a transparent and accountable workflow from lead management to marketing activities.

At the first stage of the project, the 1C:Drive solution with two custom extensions was implemented. The total number of three seats was automated using web client mode.

The second stage of the project involved employee training. "Slava KVC/1C-Sapa"experts have demonstrated the interface of the new system, explained the principles behind its database, showed how the data can be accessed and managed using desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.


“The 1C:Drive solution with custom extensions developed by "Slava KVC/1C-Sapa" allowed us to significantly reduce the paperwork, streamline business processes, and get full control over customer journey from the first contact to after-sale engagement. We've got what we expected, and even more!”

— Nina Caeymob, 

Hampton Spa manager

Beauty soft ERP - Results


Optimized customer management, real-time data access, and management, reduced manual labor

As a result of the implementation of the new solution, Hampton Spa was available to automate multiple accounting, customer management, and marketing tasks.

First, the 1C:Drive custom extension for incoming applications' management was implemented. Also, another extension for automated Sales Tax calculation and POS integration was installed. These modules were developed by "Slava KVC/1C-Sapa" experts.

CRM and inventory management modules were also implemented, which allowed setting up comprehensive customer journey control, real-time monitoring of supplies, and warehouse balances. Paperwork, data collection, payroll were automated as well, which lead to a decreased amount of manual labor. 

Final thoughts

Company's performance has increased, as the amount of manual labor associated with customer registration and paperwork is significantly reduced.

The implemented solution now fuels the automatic notification engine, which is used to remind customers to sign up for their regular procedures. As a result, customer retention has increased.

Also, Hampton Spa management team now has real-time access to business-critical data, including warehouse balances and spa salon supplies.

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