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TSIBA Ignition Academy

Automation of sales and financial management accounting for increased business efficiency, using the 1C:Drive solution.


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TSIBA Business School is a not-for-profit and accredited Cape Town-based higher education institution offering undergraduate and postgraduate business qualifications as well as informal short-courses in leadership, entrepreneurship and commerce.

Leadership, entrepreneurship and self-development strengthen comprehensive future-focused curricula taught jointly by South African and international academic staff and business experts.

TSIBA Ignition Academy (Pty) Ltd offers high quality and customizable solutions to enhance development of business skills and enterprise B-BBEE scorecard elements for organisations across all business sectors. These high-impact interventions close skills gaps, and encourage professional development.

The Ignition Academy also specialises in activating and running bespoke entrepreneurial support programmes for their corporate partners.


Gathering insights, managing workload, and establishing document flow optimization

The main goal of the project was to allow key decision makers of the TIA to optimize important data collection and analysis tasks, making it easier for them to access business insights. 

These tasks were:

Combine the information generated by multiple business processes in one place
Streamline company document flow for its customers and suppliers
Optimize workload and reduce time spent on manual labor activities such as data collection, analysis, and accounting
Increase the overall quality of data
Make financial and management data, such as sales targets or profitability, immediately available to key decision makers
Implement a CRM system to improve the sales process and communication with existing customers and prospects


Rise SA

Rise SA Business Solutions is a 1Ci partner in South Africa and other regions. The company offers accounting and business management solutions, with 1C:ERP WE, 1C:Perform, Rise Business, Rise Accounting and Rise School Management as the key products.
Rise SA Business Solutions has an over 15 years of professional expertise in software development of accounting, payroll accounting and ERP, and over 100 successful 1C:Enterprise-based products implementations. The team provides assistance with technical design, implementation and customization on the client side.



Flexible and comprehensive ERP solution capable of automating the majority of processes in companies of any size. The software combines multiple capabilities to execute various business operations, manage production workflows, digitize paper streams, and connect companies to their partners. 1C:Drive helps companies to boost their growth and help stay competitive in the dynamic business environment.

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What was done

The first stage of the project took around 300 hours in order to finish implementation and employee training. It included several significant milestones:

Initial functional requirements analysis to determine the best steps for software implementation
Data collection. To further proceed, all business-related information had to be aggregated in the 1C:Drive
Employee training to unlock the new software potential from day one
Custom development. Several CRM modules of the 1C:Drive were developed to better align with business requirements. Also, the custom learning management system was created for further integration with Google Classroom

As a result, TIA got a business management system which integrates various business processes in one place, making it easy to access valuable insights and make data-backed decisions. Besides accounting automation, sales management, and customer support, the solution has also allowed integration with third-party software solutions such as Google classroom.

Customer success

“One of the biggest challenges in developing systems in any business is to ensure that the needs of the business get translated effectively into development. In terms of financial processing, my staff were able to get up to speed quickly. That is crucial because they are not accountants.”

Karien Cloete



Here's an outline of the notable improvements after the implementation of 1C:Drive:

reduction in the turnaround time of service delivery
reduction in the labor cost of running projects
decrease in operation and administrative expenses
reduction in the number of errors in the document processing process

Building an integrated business management system

As a newly formed entity under the TSIBA brand, the TIA startup needed a robust, agile, and customizable business management system (BMS) and CRM software with powerful reporting features. Being a for-profit company while at the same time delivering on social impact metrics, its business model is somewhat unique, as various requirements need to be covered in one system.
The 1C:Drive solution and its BMS modules were chosen because of their flexibility, reliability, and development framework.

The key reasons the customer decided to go with 1C:Drive were: 

An opportunity to build an integrated business management system to combine various business processes in one place.
The ability to make custom changes quickly to suit business requirements.
The easy-to-use interface that enables sales reps to process accounting documentation.
The price-performance ratio. The functionality of the 1C:Drive is comparable to the most expensive solutions on the market, at a much more reasonable price.

Rise SA Business Solutions (Pty), a Cape Town-based 1Ci partner, ran the implementation project.

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