Full business automation from sales to warehouse management for the cosmetic production company using 1C:Drive.
ERP Management - Challenges


Switching from Excel to true automation of sales, accounting, reporting, and management

DAR KOZMETİK is a leading Turkish production company that develops two own cosmetics brands.

Historically, all critical business data in the company was collected manually and processed using Excel spreadsheets. This lead to an extensive volume of manual labor or incurred data entry errors. As a result, the management team lacked control and planning opportunities, as data discrepancies did not allow building a quality decision-making process.

The main goal of the Cosmetic ERP project was automating the following tasks:

Collect and manage all customer-related data in one place
Grow an overall business ROI by sales and purchase automation
Eliminate cash management issues and avoid cash flow gaps
Get a 360-degree view of the company's warehouse to manage inventory better and avoid overstocking and understocking
Fight data discrepancies and manual entry mistakes for higher efficiency of accounting and planning

During the implementation, the following business processes were automated:


Sales and purchases

Cash management

Warehouse management

Accounting and planning

The business automation system for DAR KOZMETİK was designed based on the 1C:Drive. The project took three months, during which the following changes were made:

Mobile sales operations launched
All sales and purchasing data was routed to the system
The warehouse and shipping management processes were automated
All business data were routed to 1C:Drive
The accounting module was implemented

1C:Drive ERP solution was selected because the company previously used other tools developed by our experts. Hersüreç Yazılım, the 1Ci partner in Turkey, held the implementation project. DAR KOZMETİK management team has chosen Hersüreç Yazılım as an implementation partner due to their extensive experience with 1Ci products.


"In just three months, we were able to switch from Excel-based management to data-driven business processes completely thanks to 1C:Drive. This allowed us to dramatically increase the efficiency of the company as a whole, reduce costs, and move faster."

Alexander Darmeshkin, 

Business Owner, DAR KOZMETİK

ERP Management - Results


The implementation project allowed the company to get the following results:

Labor cost on invoicing reduced by 15%
The speed of management reporting went up by 45%
Operation and administrative expenses were reduced by 30%
The number of manual data entry mistakes went down by 60%
Receivables reduced by three times

For the next step, the management team plans to implement the production automation mode of 1C:Drive.

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