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Modernizing tomato production for Greenhouse-Qaztomat with 1C:Enterprise-based solution.







Greenhouse-Qaztomat is a leading enterprise specializing in cultivating high-quality tomatoes. Situated in the heart of Pavlodar Region in Kazakhstan, the company holds a modern complex equipped with state-of-the-art technology and innovative systems, adhering to European standards. Partnering with Van der Hoeven Greenhousebuilders B.V., a renowned global manufacturer based in the Netherlands, Greenhouse-Qaztomat has emerged as one of the top greenhouse facilities globally.


Despite its success, Greenhouse-Qaztomat faced several operational challenges. The manual processes involved in accounting, payroll calculation, inventory management, and production tracking were time-consuming and were leading to errors. With an annual production capacity of approximately 15,000 tons of tomatoes spread across 30 hectares, managing resources efficiently and ensuring seamless operations became crucial for sustainable growth and meeting market demands.


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Solution by KAC-Consulting

In response to these challenges, Greenhouse-Qaztomat partnered with KAC-Consulting to implement a comprehensive automation solution tailored for the Kazakhstani market. 

The solution included:

Integration of 1C:Enterprise-based software with weighing and sorting equipment.
Creation of management reporting tools to address various aspects and preferences of the client.
Development of automated workstations for weighers, tomato sorters, warehouse clerks, and supervisors. The company employs 450 persons in total.

Customer success

“We are delighted with the transformative impact of the automation solution provided by KAC-Consulting. By modernizing our operations, we've not only optimized our processes but also enhanced the quality and reliability of our products. This partnership has been very important in driving us towards greater success and sustainability in the competitive agricultural industry.”

Kayrat Maksutov

CEO, Greenhouse-Qaztomat Representative


The implementation of the automation solution led to significant improvements across multiple areas:

Significant reduction in data collection and processing time from production.
Streamlined information gathering on production output and sorting, thanks to integration with trading and manufacturing equipment, as well as automated workstations.
Elimination of human errors in data input during weighing and sorting processes, with all data seamlessly transferred from equipment in real-time.
Simplified inventory management through the use of data collection terminals, improving accuracy during stocktaking.
Enhanced efficiency in customer shipments by employing barcode scanners.

Through strategic collaboration and technological innovation, Greenhouse-Qaztomat continues to set benchmarks in tomato cultivation, reinforcing its position as a leader in the field and contributing to the agricultural prosperity of Kazakhstan and beyond.

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