D-wine restaurants

A network of wine shops and restaurants located in the city of Marbella, Spain.

ERP solution for D-Wine restaurants and wine stores

Before implementation, the company used a bundle of several tools and PoS software for implementing management accounting. Discover how D-wine restaurants, a network of wine shops and restaurants in Marbella, Spain, created custom business management and ERP system based on 1C:Enterprise platform.

Restaurant ERP software - Challenges


Business consolidation for increasing efficiency

In several years its business experienced significant growth – from 5000 wine bottles in stock it went to 100,000 bottles and 10,000 wine labels. Also, the company opened two more restaurants and wine supermarkets, so the management team needed an accounting solution suitable for such type of projects.

Using a bundle of several tools with the need for manual labor lead to mistakes and limited accounting analytics. Therefore, the key challenges and goals included: 

Creation of a unified business management system covering all business units including several legal entities.
Implementation of an automated assets accounting.
Analytical capabilities for better planning and earning/costs analysis.
Restaurant ERP software - Results


Getting 100% transparency through the automation

After several months of research and experiments, the team at D-wine company come across the 1C:Enterprise platform. Andrey Mazurov, D-wine's CFO as a platform guru has built a custom business management and accounting system based on 1C:Enterprise. After the implementation the company got: 

Full compliance with European regulation. Due to the flexibility of the 1C:Enterprise platform, it was possible to create custom reports.
Reduced number of errors due to elimination of manual accounting labor.
Complete management accounting automation. Top managers can access all business-related information and make data-driven decisions.
Scalability. The system can run in a cluster of servers, so it is easy to scale it to align the business growth.
Flexibility. The platform allows changing everything from interface elements to functionality.
The solution is tailored to the tasks of the specific departments within the company (like sales, storage, HR, etc.).
Support accounting for several legal entities. The company used several business entities and was finally able to combine them in one platform, not using accounting software for each of them.


“The main advantage of 1C:Enterprise is the correct basis for this system. It is not organized around fancy UX elements, representation of document or set of documents. Instead, the platform evolves around transactions which makes it easier to understand how things work. There are a lot of systems that are suitable only for the specific accounting type: management, warehouse, taxation, payroll, or splitting one business into several legal entities. You have to bundle such tools by yourself to cover all your company's needs. With the 1C:Enterprise-based ERP things are different. This is a powerful platform which has tons of built-in features tailored to the specific accounting type and even business processes.”

— Andrei Mazurov,

CFO at D-wine

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