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Optimizing industrial processes with 1C:ERP.


ERGA Global


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ERGA Global, a prominent player in magnetic systems and industrial equipment manufacturing, specializes in high-tech industrial equipment and integrated solutions. Operating with a dedicated team of 30 employees, ERGA Global is committed to managing product development, production, delivery, and accompanying services.


Before the implementation of 1Ci solutions, ERGA Global faced several challenges, including the absence of a unified accounting system, complex procurement planning, laborious tracking of changes due to data duplication, and inaccurate cost planning.


FB Group

FB Group is an official 1Ci Partner in Turkey and Europe. The company’s team has more than 25 years experience in providing end-to-end business automation solutions. FB Group has experience in automation both SMB and international holdings in the field of production, logistics, retail trade and wholesale. The implementation is based on a turnkey approach, allowing our customers to transparently manage and develop their business in various countries of the world. The company offers services in Turkish, English, Czech and Russian languages. The company also has a team member holding a SMMM (CPA) license and offers financial consulting services to clients if needed.



Flexible and powerful ERP solution for enterprises integrating all of the core and supporting workflows in a single system. 1C:ERP provides advanced production and warehouse management and can be implemented in companies of various industries, e.g. equipment and metal goods production, industrial machinery, food, textile production, and many more.

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What was done

The 1C:ERP Turkish Edition Implementation was a first step in adopting 1Ci products and subsystems, to address these challenges comprehensively. Key modules and functions such as Planning, Production, Procurement, Warehouse accounting, Payments and Receipts, and Cost Calculation were integrated. The whole process included the following stages: research, defining requirements and scope of work, primary settings, residuals loading, launch of procurement, launch of payments and receipts, start of production.

Customer success

“The implementation of 1C:ERP marked a transformative milestone for ERGA Global. The increased transparency in our processes and the significant reduction in operational costs have positioned us for sustained success in the competitive industrial equipment market. We're truly satisfied with the project's impact. I want to express my gratitude to the FB Group team, 1Ci Partner in Europe and Turkiye, for their professionalism and the smooth teamwork.”

Ergün Çakır

CEO at ERGA Global


The implementation resulted in significant improvements:

Procurement and production processes became more transparent, enabling timely decision-making.
Improved accounting at warehouses.
Optimized cost calculation.
Reconciliation of the company's balance sheet.
Organized accounting in accordance with the requirements of the Turkish Free Zone Legislation.
The integration with an external PDM system is organized. Information about the structure and production technology of products is loaded with the nesting of BOMs up to 60 levels.
Material supply schemes have been configured in the warehouse, taking into account various delivery times by suppliers across material categories for the purpose of planning the production order calendar and maintaining the necessary stock levels in the warehouse.

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