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Transforming production efficiency: Adipack's journey through the optimization. 









Over two decades, Adipack stands as a pioneer in manufacturing machinery tailored for the food industry. Their expertise lies in crafting state-of-the-art packaging machines specifically designed for dairy products. Alongside this flagship offering, they also develop processing equipment serving the various segments within the food industry.

Fueled by a commitment to continually enhance quality, customer service, and product excellence, Adipack's mission has been to establish enduring partnerships with their clients. Their primary focus turns around precision and care in crafting each machine, understanding that the essence of their success lies in delivering robust, reliable, and high-quality solutions to their customers.

Recognizing the crucial importance of maintaining control over the production processes, Adipack's leadership acknowledges the importance of detailed control over the manufacturing facilities. They understand that every aspect of their product depends on the nuances and dedication invested in its fabrication.


While Adipack thrived in many areas, there have been some serious problems lately in their production process. These challenges covered logistical lapses, inventory differences, supplier and customer communication gaps, and delayed assemblies and deliveries.These obstacles cast a shadow on Adipack's efficiency, causing disruptions across the entire production chain.

Logistical Discrepancies: Adipack encountered difficulties in managing their logistical operations. This encompassed challenges in organizing orders for raw materials and components needed for the manufacturing process.
Inventory Management Issues: The company struggled with maintaining an accurate and updated inventory system. This led to discrepancies between recorded inventory and actual available components, causing delays in production due to missing parts.
Supplier and Customer Communication Gaps: Adipack faced challenges in effectively communicating and coordinating with suppliers for raw materials and external processes. Additionally, customer expectations regarding spare part deliveries were not being met, leading to dissatisfaction.
Delayed Assemblies and Deliveries: The inconsistencies in inventory and logistics impacted the assembly process, causing delays in completing projects and meeting delivery timelines for both parts and finished products.
Post-Project Component Identification: At the conclusion of projects, Adipack lacked a robust system to track and identify the components used. This led to discrepancies when clients reported missing parts upon the receipt of the final product.
Organizational Structure and Workflow: There were concerns about the overall organization and workflow within the company. The absence of a structured system led to inefficiencies in processes, making it challenging to maintain a synchronized production line.


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Resolving these challenges was crucial for Adipack to ensure seamless operations, improve customer satisfaction, and maintain high standards of production quality and efficiency. The implementation of the software solution aimed to mitigate these challenges and enhance various aspects of their operations.

To address these issues, Adipack turned to First Bit, 1Ci partner in Colombia, seeking a solution that could streamline their production workflows and ensure seamless operations. First Bit introduced a comprehensive ERP solution that not only rectified their inventory management issues but also expedited spare part deliveries, significantly reducing turnaround times to meet customer demands within 20 days, regardless of geographic location. Moreover, the system streamlined the procurement process, enabling Adipack to request raw materials 15 days in advance, thus bolstering their machining capabilities and project progression.

1C:Drive ERP provided Adipack with a clear inventory overview, ensuring accurate tracking of available components, thus preventing any production halts due to missing parts. Moreover, the software kept meticulous records of each project's components, resolving post-project complaints from clients regarding missing parts.

The implementation of 1С:Drive marked a pivotal moment for Adipack. Beyond just rectifying operational challenges, it instigated a cultural shift within the organization. Employees embraced the structured workflow introduced by the software, fostering collaboration and coherence across departments.

Reflecting on the transformation, Orlando Pardo Uribe, Head of Production at Adipack praised the software's robustness, referring to its role in enhancing communication between administrative and production sectors. The system's user-friendly interface coupled with its extensive functionalities significantly elevated Adipack's operational efficiency.


Streamlined Production Processes: The software implementation led to a substantial improvement in production management. It offered a systematic approach to oversee and control each stage of the production process, ensuring precision, reducing errors, and enhancing overall efficiency.
Improved Inventory Management: The solution provided a clear and accurate inventory overview, allowing for better tracking of available components. This eliminated issues related to missing parts, reducing delays in assembly and project completion.
Enhanced Communication and Coordination: The software facilitated improved communication between various departments within the company, particularly between administrative and production wings. This enhanced coordination ensured smoother workflows and streamlined operations.
Optimized Spare Parts Delivery: With the implementation, the company managed to expedite the delivery of spare parts to customers. The turnaround time was significantly reduced to meet client demands within a specified timeframe, enhancing customer satisfaction.
Efficient Raw Material Procurement: The system enabled the procurement team to request raw materials well in advance, optimizing the machining process and ensuring a consistent flow of materials for production.
Precise Financial Control and Budgeting: While not explicitly mentioned in the narrative, the solution could potentially contribute to improved financial control, ensuring better budget management and financial planning. This likely led to more informed decision-making based on accurate financial data.
Tailored Solutions Meeting Specific Needs: The software's adaptability allowed for customization to fit the unique requirements of the company. This ensured that the implemented solution aligned perfectly with the intricate processes and company needs.

These benefits collectively helped Adipack to address their production-related challenges, resulting in smoother operations, reduced delays, improved customer satisfaction, and a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

Enthusiastic about their success, Orlando Pardo Uribe, extended an invitation to companies facing similar challenges within their production cycles. He encouraged others to explore 1C:Drive ERP, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize operations across various industrial sectors.

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