1Ci Outsourcing Network

1Ci invites individual developers and companies to participate in partner projects to build solutions based on 1C:Enterprise.

Choose your project
Have the opportunity to choose the project you really want to work on.
Work with 1Ci team
Develop brand new solutions together with the 1Ci team.
Extend your professional network
Expand your professional and business relations - take part in an international project and start working with foreign companies. Really useful experience.
Grow international expertise
Accumulate valuable experience from working with a variety of different businesses from different countries.
Get live help
Get a comprehensive tech support from the 1Ci team: webinars, Knowledge base, Forum, direct email communication.
Know where to grow
Challenge yourself to define current level by receiving feedback from 1Ci professionals.

Products to be implemented on international markets


Integrated solution to manage all the range of SMB processes in one system through a consolidated dashboard.


Innovative application for building corporate management systems based on the best global practices in automating large and medium-sized businesses.

Other solutions based on 1C:Enterprise

Highly adaptive and configurable solutions for automating financial operations, accounting, production management, sales management and more.

Types of projects to participate in

Software implementation

Product improvements for local markets

Product customization for a certain customer

Development of individual applications

How to start, step-by-step plan


Fill in the form below


Wait for the email from the 1Ci team to set up a qualification process


Go through the qualification tests - technical and language


Meet the requirements and be included in 1Ci outsourcing list


Be invited to work with 1Ci on new projects

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