Adin-S Mall Solution

Comprehensive financial software designed specifically for shopping malls.
Private Cloud
fast erp development
Simplify shopping malls leasing
First solution specifically designed for malls' financial managers to achieve incredible results.
enterprise application development
Get full control of contracts
Possibility to control the whole set of contracts' parameters and update them when necessary.
cross-platform development
Access data from anywhere
Investors can see the financial performance of the shopping mall anytime, anywhere using mobile app.


Budgeting Set-Up

Track the past or future turnover - year over year, month over month

Control shop efficiency by analyzing the turnover/rent ratio of each tenant

Compare actual vs planned revenue/expense

Analyze sector-based rental incomes, including food, clothing and other

Advanced Technology

Open code solution that can work on any operating system and with any existing database

Doesn't require Internet connection for local usage

Easily integrates with existing software, such as accounting system

Includes a mobile app

Robust Reporting

Analyze your investment with advanced reports

Track Shopping Mall visitors – daily, weekly, monthly

Let your management access data with a mobile app

Customize reports to include the parameters you need

Monitor multiple Shopping Malls with consolidated reports

Control Over Renters' Payments

Stay on track of payments' status and the amount of existing debt

Monitor sales turnover of shops - monthly, yearly

Overview shops' expenses on water, gas and other infrastructure

Integrated CRM

Keep the detailed information on each renter by your hand: number of shops, range of products sold, product categories

Manage lease agreements

Easily access contracts' data

Invoice Creation Speed-Up

Create automatically recurring invoices and prepare them for sending out

Generate hundreds of invoices with just a click of a button

Export invoices to the accounting software

Re-calculate invoices if any of their parameters, such as price changes

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