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Comprehensive financial software designed specifically for shopping malls.

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Adin-S Mall Solution


Private Cloud

Private Cloud



Simplify shopping malls leasing

Simplify shopping malls leasing

First solution specifically designed for malls' financial managers to achieve incredible results.

Adin-S Mall Solution - Get full control of contracts

Get full control of contracts

Possibility to control the whole set of contracts' parameters and update them when necessary.

Adin-S Mall Solution - Access data from anywhere

Access data from anywhere

Investors can see the financial performance of the shopping mall anytime, anywhere using mobile app.


Adin-S Mall Solution - Robust reporting

Robust reporting

  • Analyze your investment with advanced reports
  • Track shopping mall visitors – daily, weekly, monthly
  • Let your management access data with a mobile app 
  • Customize reports to include the parameters you need 
  • Monitor multiple shopping malls with consolidated reports 
Adin-S Mall Solution - Budgeting set-up

Budgeting set-up

  • Track the past or future turnover - year over year, month over month 
  • Control shop efficiency by analyzing the turnover/rent ratio of each tenant 
  • Compare actual vs planned revenue/expense 
  • Analyze sector-based rental incomes, including food, clothing and other
Adin-S Mall Solution - Advanced technology

Advanced technology

  • Work on any operating system and with any existing database with an open code solution 
  • Get local usage without Internet connection
  • Easily integrates with existing software, such as accounting system 
  • Includes a mobile app 
Adin-S Mall Solution - Invoice creation speed-up

Invoice creation speed-up

  • Automatically create recurring invoices and prepare them for sending out 
  • Generate hundreds of invoices with just a click of a button 
  • Export invoices to the accounting software 
  • Re-calculate invoices if any of their parameters, such as price changes 
Adin-S Mall Solution - Control over renters' payments

Control over renters' payments

  • Stay on track of payments' status and the amount of existing debt 
  • Monitor sales turnover of shops - monthly, yearly 
  • Overview shops' expenses on water, gas and other infrastructure 
Adin-S Mall Solution - Integrated CRM

Integrated CRM

  • Keep the detailed information on each renter by your hand: number of shops, range of products sold, product categories 
  • Manage lease agreements 
  • Easily access contracts' data 

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