ERP Agriculture

Comprehensive ERP software for the agriculture industry.

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Comprehensive ERP software for the agriculture industry


Private Cloud

Private Cloud



ERP Agriculture - Reduction of business costs

Reduction of business costs

ERP Agriculture offers flexible pricing and functionality. The system can be easily customized for specific business processes.

ERP Agriculture - Simplification of working processes

Simplification of working processes

Comprehensive software solution designed to take care of all your administrative and production needs.

Agriculture ERP - Fast and responsive customer service

Fast and responsive customer service

NFP provides fast service and response to technical issues according to service-level agreement.


Full automation of management accounting
Detailed costing and cost management
Control of internal processes and printing of internal documents
Machine costs and workload management
Reduced time for generating management reporting package
Minimization of business costs and process optimization


ERP Agriculture - Sales


  • Integrated with the retail sales module
  • Advanced analytical accounting of sales and costs (context recognition system by code and product name)
  • Sales reports by region, managers, types of products, etc
ERP Agriculture - Costs


  • Unique tabular accounting system for costs allocation 
  • Detailed cost structure for the main costing objects: products and semi-finished products, plantation areas, production machinery, employees 
  • Detailed reporting on any types of costs
ERP Agriculture - Stock balance control


  • Stock balance control and inventory processing 
  • Detailed reports on movements of materials and products in storages 
  • Printing of internal stock documents
ERP Agriculture - Production


  • Detailed accounting for the costing objects (plantations, production machines, and employees), including semi-finished products at different stages of production by cost elements (direct and indirect costs)
ERP Agriculture - Purchasing


  • Integrated with the production system of purchases 
  • Purchased materials are easily, automatically allocated to production costs indicated in a special table system
ERP Agriculture - Master data

Master data

  • Master system for all business classifiers 
  • System of automatic loading nomenclature from external sources
ERP Agriculture - Management reporting рackage

Management reporting рackage

  • Three basic forms (balance, cash flow, and PnL) and over thirty detailed reports

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