My Daycare Plus

All-in-one software for childcare centres from First Bit Canada.

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All-in-one software for childcare centres from First Bit Canada


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My Daycare Plus - Fitting into the budget

Fitting into the budget of small centers

MyDaycare Plus has flexible pricing and different versions.

Software for childcare centres - Simplifying management

Simplifying childcare centre management

Comprehensive software solution designed to take care of all your administrative needs.

My Daycare Plus - Fast customer service

Fast and responsive customer service

First BIT provides fast service and response to technical issues.


Unites all the required functionality all in one place
Fits the budget of even small childcare centers
Combines information on daycare centre's parents and children
Runs on MAC OS through the web
Helps you stay organized and control parents' payments and children’s attendance
Enables you to keep parents and employees fully informed with emailing module


My Daycare Plus - Children records

Children records

  • Enrollment and waiting lists
  • Children and parents data
  • Medical data
  • Emergency contacts
  • People authorized to pick-up
  • Children & groups events red flagging
  • Birthdays and waitlists reminders
  • Pictures and files
My Daycare Plus - Flexible billing

Flexible billing

  • Multilevel billing structure
  • Extracurricular classes and fees
  • Complete history and audit trail
  • Cash receipts
  • Reconciliation reports
  • Account statements automatic emailing
  • Comprehensive reporting module
  • Year-end parent tax statements
My Daycare Plus - Communication


  • Send mass emails to all parents, by group, selectively
  • Create your own HTML templates
  • Quick and simple distribution of outstanding account statements
  • History of communications integrated in child / employee file
  • Supports all email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, Outlook, and others
My Daycare Plus - Attendance management

Attendance management

  • Individual schedules
  • Children’s attendance tracking
  • Schedules and attendance history
  • Print blank attendance sheets
  • Various attendance reports
My Daycare Plus - Payroll


  • Timesheets
  • Deductions and contributions
  • T4 slips
  • Email pay sheets from the software 
  • Income and deduction per period
My Daycare Plus - Bank reconciliation

Bank reconciliation

  • Manage bank accounts
  • Bank transactions & deposit slips
  • Create bank reconciliations
  • Account reconciliation summary
My Daycare Plus - Expense management

Expense management

  • Expense items & expense categories
  • List of suppliers
  • Periodical expenses
  • Enter expenses individually or in batches
  • Reporting
My Daycare Plus - Accounting and finances

Accounting and finances

  • Financial statements
  • Accounts receivable
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Expenses
  • Adapted to the specific needs of child care centres
  • Comprehensive reporting module
My Daycare Plus - Personal information


  • Personal information
  • Education and experience
  • Police records
  • Emergency contacts
  • Positions for payroll calculations
  • Important dates reminders

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