Rise School Management

All-in-one cloud solution that enables schools to access all their data from one system.

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All-in-one cloud solution that enables schools to access all their data from one system


School-specific all-in-one solution

School-specific all-in-one solution

Rise School Management has been created to address challenges of schools and helps them save time (min 15 hours per term), money typically spent on paper, and other resources by having 1 system instead of 3 or 4.

Rise School Management - Mobile app to stay in touch with parents

Mobile app to stay in touch with parents

Schools can create Channels, post Principal’s letters, PDF documents, timetables, exam schedules and more. Admin Staff & Educators can create Incidents, track attendance and post news directly from Rise School Communicator.

All-in-one cloud solution - Customizable reports for any kind of recipient

Customizable reports for any kind of recipient

Rise School Management enables schools to report to SGB, Fin Committee, Parents, and other stakeholders thanks to many customizable reports available in the system.


Suits to any type of school - primary, secondary or high school
Works for government, independent and private schools
Access all necessary data from one system in a cloud
Work from anywhere, any time
Save a lot of resources & time working with a single system
Get access to Fee Balances for each learner in one place
Send invoices to all your learners at once
Save data on paper with LIVE Billing on the mobile Communicator
Run all the reports for the Principal, SGB, or Fin Committee in one place
Always be in touch with the mobile app for school-parent and teacher-parent communication
Email all parents at once from the system, access a read / not read report for a targeted follow up
Import enrollment/admission records from the Google form into RSM via the seamless Google spreadsheet integration
Schools can run all marks reports, email Progress reports. Parents can access Progress Reports via the Communicator


Learner Data Management

Learner Data Management

  • Learner data import tool is included
  • Comprehensive learner details, address, and guardian details
  • Deactivation of learners when needed
  • Filter by class, grade, gender, or age
  • Upload of any documents for each learner
  • All the invoices, cash receipts for each learner in one system
Rise School Management - Communication

Teachers Module

  • Rise School Communicator mobile app for the teacher-parent communication
  • Access to the Learner data (grades, classes, and bios)
  • Behavior management
  • Marks & term reporting
  • Attendance registration
Rise School Management - Accounting


  • Live bank feed
  • Journal entries
  • General journal
  • Purchase orders
  • Capture cash receipts, exemptions or discounts for school fees, print out or email from the system
  • Budget report: planned vs. actual expenses
  • Chart of accounts customized to the school requirements
  • Statements creation per class or grade
  • All the accounting functionality included
Rise School Management - Procurement Management

Procurement Management

  • Supplier invoices
  • Invoice payments
  • Supplier returns & more
  • Batch Invoice creation per class or grade
Batch invoice per class or grade

Batch Invoicing

  • Batch invoice per class or grade
  • Invoices for any amount of learners at any time
Rise School Management - Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

  • Balance sheet
  • General ledger
  • Income statement
  • Trial balance
Rise School Management - Marks module

Marks module

  • Parents can see progress reports on the Communicator or get them via email
  • Access Marks sheet, Symbol distribution, Merit List; Grade averages; promotion schedule and more at a click from RSM
Rise School Management - Bulk mailing

Bulk mailing

  • Email your parents at a click and see a report ‘read/not read’
Rise School Management - Enrollments simplified

Enrollments simplified

  • Parents fill in the Google Form and it gets imported into RSM
  • No more paper, errors and double capturing
Rise School Communicator

School-Parent Communication

  • A free-for-parents mobile app - Rise School Communicator - is available for Android and iOS, easy-to-use and user friendly
  • Schools can post at a click of a button unlimited News for any of the school updates
  • Specific contacts posting for parents use
  • Unlimited resource posting - links to any external docs, photos, etc.
  • One-to-one chat function
  • One-to-one billing for each learner
  • Billing for parents directly in the App
  • Save money on paper & SMS bundles
  • Instant push notifications on parents’ smartphones with Rise School Communicator
  • Events, Resources for homework or any additional learning and Channels for Сlasses/Grades or Extramurals

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