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All-in-one ERP software for sewing companies and departments.

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Sewing ERP


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Private Cloud



Sewing ERP - Flexible and easy-to-integrate

Flexible and easy-to-integrate

Integration with a web store or your current bookkeeping software.

All-in-one ERP software - Customization and implementation

Customization and implementation by an experienced partner

Functionality is regularly updated, so you get only the best features picked out by our clients.

Sewing ERP - Turnkey solution

Turnkey solution

80% customers work with the original version.


Turnkey solution for garment manufacturing industry
All managerial accounting in one software
100% automation of the production cycle
Purchase planning reduces stock by 30%
Suitable for companies with 10-150 employees
Identification of weaknesses and bottlenecks stopping the progress
Control balances in warehouse by roll, piece, meter / millimeter
Barcoding of technical operations saves payroll time by 5 times
Just a few minutes on calculation of actual piece-rate pays
Advanced analytics powered by Sewing ERP reports
Company's profit is calculated automatically, including actual costs of production
Integration with a web store for automated update of stock and prices


Sewing ERP - Inventory tracking

Inventory tracking

  • Different characteristics and attributes 
  • Multiple units of measurement (rolls for fabrics) 
  • Transfer of materials for every production task
Sewing ERP - Production tracking

Production tracking

  • Monitoring of tasks by customer, orders, and products, assigning tasks to performers, control of materials 
  • Work centers capacity control
  • Products output and semi-finished products output 
  • Work-in-progress control by performers, materials and products to be released
Sewing ERP - Inventory planning

Inventory planning

  • Reservation scheme (for products and components) 
  • Calculation of material needs (including quantity of stock and planned BOM) 
  • Purchase orders with states of delivery 
Sewing ERP - Sales management

Sales management

  • Complete documentation for wholesales and retailing 
  • Multi-currency mutual settlements 
  • Analytic reports with individual settings
Sewing ERP - Advanced cost analytics

Advanced cost analytics

  • Cost allocations for indirect cost 
  • Cost report with detailed transcription of expenses 
  • Planned and actual cost report
Sewing ERP - Barcodes for technical operations

Barcodes for technical operations

  • Creation and printing barcode sets for technical operations of every production order 
  • Recording of technical operations by a scanner 
Sewing ERP - Payroll


  • 3 calculation methods for operation costs (cost for each model, price per second, operation price) 
  • Auto calculation in production documents 
  • Keeping records of earnings, deductions, work time, balances 
Sewing ERP - Pre-production


  • Creation of products with particular attributes, semi-finished product sets, stages of production, scheme of technical operations, and BOMs

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